Kellie Pickler's late husband honoured in family memorial

Kellie Pickler’s late husband Kyle Jacobs has been honoured in a family memorial.

Seven months after the country musician passed away, his wife and family hosted a memorial ceremony in Tennessee.

His parents told People that the Monday Celebration of Life ceremony was “necessary” for them “to cope with the shock of his passing, and to work through adjusting to this life without our beloved son”.

Hosted at Franklin First UMC, the ceremony included speeches from family and musical performances - concluding with Kyle’s song You Are With Me.

“Kyle’s Celebration of Life was created and presented in a thoughtful and thorough way to best honour how Kyle lived his life,” his family said in a statement. “Kyle was a Lover of Life! He loved his family and his friends, and he earnestly showed love and brought joy to countless others he did not even know.”

The statement continued, “Remembrances continue to come to us daily. He was known for his genuine, humble spirit and an ability to touch another person’s life in a moment…

“The stories told, the songs sung, and the love shared were a testament to Kyle and to how he was able to draw people together in friendship, work, and fun!”

Kellie did not appear to participate in the ceremony.

Kyle died by suicide at the age of 49 on 17 February this year.

In August, Kellie released her first public statement on her husband’s passing to People.

“One of the most beautiful lessons my husband taught me was in a moment of a crisis, if you don’t know what to do, ‘do nothing, just be still,’” she shared. “Thank you to my family, friends, and supporters, for the countless letters, calls, and messages that you have sent my way. It has truly touched my soul and it’s helping me get through the darkest time in my life.”