Katy Perry suffered wardrobe malfunction with her shoes during Met Gala

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Katy Perry had a wardrobe malfunction at this year’s Met Gala, as a video from the event showed the singer’s shoe stuck in an air vent.

On 2 May, the 37-year-old singer arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a white silk mini-dress and floor-length black shawl with a floral neckline designed by Oscar de la Renta. She paired her look with black sheer gloves and silver earrings.

Once the American Idol judge entered the event, however, she encountered a small issue with her shoes, which was later revealed in a video posted to Instagram by Derek Blasberg, head of fashion and beauty at YouTube.

At the start of the clip, Blasberg was filming model Karlie Koss, who expressed that her “accessory of the year”at the Met Gala was her “knee brace,” paired with her “couture gown”.

In the background, Perry could be heard saying: “She is beauty, and she is grace. She’s also got her foot stuck in a vent.”

Blasberg then turned the camera to Perry and zoomed in on her clear Aquazarra heel, which was trapped in an air vent on the floor. A few of the team members next to Perry helped her get her heel freed, as she screamed: “Oh no, oh no!”

“Never a dull moment,” Blasberg said, as he turned the camera towards himself. He also joked about how much work goes into handling wardrobe malfunctions at the event, as the caption over the video reads: “The #metgala is a full contact sport.”

In the comments of the post, fans noted how amused they were by the video and that they could relate to Perry’s struggle.

“Love this. Best ever!! Real people with Met problems!!” one person wrote, while another said: “The heel stuck is the WORST!”

Other viewers also expressed how much they admired Perry. “Katy is the life of a party!” one fan wrote, while another Instagram user added: “You just gotta love Katy Perry.”

While on the red carpet Monday evening, Perry opened up about her Met Gala dress to Vanessa Hudgens and Hamish Bowles. According to the Daisy singer, she wanted to try a “different” look this year, acknowledging that when she last attended the Met Gala, she was dressed as a cheeseburger.

“I mean it isn’t my first rodeo, so I feel like I can relax,” she said. “You know last time I came to the Met, I was a cheeseburger, I loved it. I was like: ‘What am I going to do tonight?’”

“I’m going to play a whole different card and now I feel like I’m just accepting the darling darkness,” she added.

She noted that her outfit was still a little challenging and joked that she had no idea how she was going to use that bathroom in it.

“I’ve been pinned in for three hours,” she said. “Don’t ask me how I’m going to the restroom ever or anyone at the Met.”