Katie Price says she wants to become a life coach after surviving various traumas

Katie Price has revealed her desire to become a life coach to help people through their experiences of various traumas.

The TV star, entrepreneur and former glamour model has been candid about the ups and downs in her personal life throughout her near-30 years in the public eye.

In a new interview with Mail Online, the mum-of-five spoke about her belief that various landmark life experiences have equipped her with the ability to help others.

“I’ve got severe ADHD and severe PTSD. I’ve been through breakups, marriages, kidnap threats; [I was] hijacked, held at gunpoint, you name it, I’ve been through it,” Price told the publication.

“And then I had a breakdown, a bad breakdown, survived that and came out the other end. I just feel that I’ve been through so much.

“I want to be a life coach because I do live and breathe trauma, I’ve been through drama, real-life events and I’ve come through the other end. So if I can help people in any way I can, then I will.”

One of the traumatic experiences that Price refers to is being raped at gunpoint during a carjacking in South Africa in 2018. After the assault, Price’s mental health suffered and she had a breakdown.

Comparing that time in her life to today, Price, 46, noted that she can now approach struggles with a balanced mindset.

Katie Price wants to transform her traumatic experiences into a way to help others (Getty Images)
Katie Price wants to transform her traumatic experiences into a way to help others (Getty Images)

“Nowadays I’m very calm,” she explained. “I know how to manage things and my expectations and I wish I had the knowledge I have now and how to cope with situations.

“If anything bad happens, I try and think of a positive for it. I’m still crazy and chaotic, because that’s just me. I’ve still got the personality, still like to be creative.

”But now, I’m in control. No one’s controlling me. I am me. No one, absolutely no one, would break me now, never.”

Katie Price wants to ‘help people in any way I can’ (Getty Images)
Katie Price wants to ‘help people in any way I can’ (Getty Images)

Elsewhere in the interview, published on Saturday (15 June), Price shared some insight into her choice to seek mentorship from podcaster Lewis Raymond Taylor – known to many of his listeners as “The Psychopath Life Coach”, due to his antisocial personality disorder diagnosis.

Taylor has been open about suffering from drug addiction in the past, as well as his history of violent behaviour and some prison stints in his podcast Life Reclaimed.

However, Taylor, who was the focus of Netflix documentary The Psychopath Life Coach in 2023, turned his life around after his 11th conviction and began a coaching business that is now worth millions.

“You couldn’t make this up!” Price said of Taylor’s story. “When you see his story, you would never ever think in a million years watching him in his younger days how he would turn things around.

“He’s a prime example of how you can have a real s**t time and turn things around if you get yourself together and get the help that you need.”