Kate Beckinsale, 47, reveals the ageing process means little to her for this important reason

Kate Beckinsale has opened up about her relationship with ageing. (Getty Images)
Kate Beckinsale has opened up about her relationship with ageing. (Getty Images)

She looks far more youthful than her 47 years – and Kate Beckinsale has revealed the ageing process means little to her for an important reason.

The actress explained how the passing of her father, the actor Richard Beckinsale, from a sudden heart attack when she was five years old has impacted on how she feels about getting older.

Speaking to The Sunday Times' Style magazine, she said: "I've been so aware of the possibility people can drop dead at any time."

Elsewhere in the same interview, the Hollywood star revealed how her father's death in 1979, at just 31, had influenced her own approach to being a mother to daughter Lily, 22, who she shares with ex-husband Michael Sheen.

Beckinsale – who is known for her roles in Underworld and Pearl Harbour – said: "I definitely had a sort of ‘I have to make sure I stay alive’ [feeling]. Even if she hates me, I’ve got to just be here."

Given that growing, and looking, older doesn't worry her, Beckinsale also said that she hasn't had any cosmetic interventions – even though many assume she has.

Of procedures like Botox, the star said: "I'm frightened of paralysing my face."

However, she revealed that she is a fan of what is known as the 'vampire facial', which involves a combination of microdermabrasion and platelet-rich plasma being re-injected into the skin.

Of the popular A-list treatment – of which Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian are famously fans – Beckinsale said: "That’s a real thing, from your own body. But not with scary poisonous things!"

The mother-of-one said she stays in shape by training five or six days a week.

In a recent post to her 4.7 million followers on Instagram, she shared a video of herself doing a tough workout at the gym.

She can be seen doing leg raises, as well as a stint on the battle ropes and a physiotherapy stretching session.

Captioning the impressive clip, Beckinsale wrote: "Back on ye olde bullshit."

Her fans were impressed by her motivation – and results.

Fellow actress Milla Jovovich wrote: "Oh my god you’re so gorgeous!!"

Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha joked: "You copying me again Kate!"

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