Joan Collins turns 90: Anti-ageing beauty secrets the Dynasty legend lives by

Image of Joan Collins who turns 90 today. (Getty Images)
Dame Joan Collins turns 90 today, but what are her secrets to ageing well? (Getty Images)

Dame Joan Collins is celebrating her 90th birthday today and it's unlikely we'll find more compelling proof that age is just a number.

On screen, the legendary actor - most known for 80s TV series Dynasty - has been captivating audiences for decades.

Off screen, Collins continues to inspire with her age-defying looks and approach to life. After all, it was only last August when the actor went viral for sharing her bikini-clad body with the world at the grand old age of 89.

So, what's her secret?

Always wear SPF

Perhaps Collins' most important anti-ageing tip is to never leaving home without SPF on.

"I have always worn sun protection, and have kept my face away from harmful rays since I was 20," the actor told You magazine in 2014. "You should see me when I wake up in the morning: my face is so white, it’s like a sheet."

Image of Dame Joan Collins who swears by wearing SPF. (Getty Images)
Dame Joan Collins says she always wears SPF. (Getty Images)

Stick to a beauty regime

“I’m very disciplined,” Collins told the Mirror in 2019. “I don’t go to bed without taking off my make-up and putting on night cream. My mother had me and sister Jackie doing that when we were 14.

“Women then weren’t addicted to television, Instagram and Twitter and all these things. I heard the average was two to four hours a day on devices. Now if you do that you don’t really have much time to exercise or take care of your skin.”

Believe age is just a number

"I think what is important is not age, but how you look, feel and behave," Collins told Saga Magazine last year.

She took things a stage further by stating that she didn't believe women should be asked their age. "My mother's generation never did it. But you know, people have been calling me an older woman since I was 38!" she added.

Image of Joan Collins who continuously impresses fans with her age-defying looks. (Getty Images)
Fans are continuously impressed with Dame Joan Collins age-defying looks. (Getty Images)

Know that bikinis are for all ages

Collins was recently praised for sharing her bikini-clad body with the world on Instagram, breaking down swimwear taboos.

Proving that bikinis are for all bodies, she shared a Reel (video) depicting herself enjoying the sunshine in the South of France. And her followers couldn't get enough of it.

"I love the fact that you still wear a bikini - I'm like you, age should not define you,"

"You are an inspiration to us all," another wrote.

A third labelled Collins "ageless".

A balanced diet

Speaking to Daily Mail, the actor also credited her youthful appearance to a balanced diet: 'The quality of what you eat is as important as the quality of the products you use," she says.

"I try to eat a balanced diet. I believe eating avocados is very beneficial and I believe in taking vitamin supplements – I take Vitamin C, E and Omega oils."

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Be happy

As well as trying to stay away from junk food and working out with a trainer three times a week, the key to remaining youthful comes from within.

"I was born with the happy gene and the energy gene," she told Hello! magazine in 2018. "Honestly, life makes me happy and I'm very aware of how lucky I am," she explained. "I've worked hard all my life, nobody has given me anything on a plate, but I wake up each morning thinking how fortunate I am. I'm very fit and healthy now – knock on wood – and I try to look after myself."

Joan Collins pictured with her husband Percy Gibson. (Getty Images)
Joan Collins pictured with her husband Percy Gibson. (Getty Images)

The power of a good base

Famous for opting to shun invasive procedures, instead Collins is an advocate for the right make-up base.

"A good base can really help disguise any tell-tale signs of ageing," she told Hello!. "It’s about base, not Botox!"

The star says she never leaves home without her foundation firmly in place."I believe it helps act as another barrier between skin and harmful elements that can aggravate skin," she adds.

"I also wouldn't dream of going without a great lipstick in a flattering colour."