Jett Lawrence Suggests MRI May Be Needed for Shoulder Injury

We finally get to hear what he has been dealing with and how the shoulder has been feeling these last couple of weeks and through the break last weekend.

His statement: “We’ve been discussing what it actually is. At first, we thought it was just bruising, or something like that or maybe pulled the muscle. But with how long it is taking to heal, we might get an MRI because the muscle could be torn or something like that because we aren’t 100% sure what it is. So, we are going to use one of these breaks to get an MRI or after this one. We thought this last break would help it and get it back to 100%. But, each time I would go and train or ride to use it, it would just go back to the same spot of healing up a bit, then drop back a bit. It’s been kind of annoying. No excuses. We still got the overall win, so definitely would make it a lot easier if It was 100%.”

We will be watching closely to see how this situation develops and if the MRI reveals any underlying issues that need to be addressed when that time comes.