Jessica Biel explains why her marriage to Justin Timberlake is ‘a work in progress’

Jessica Biel explains why her marriage to Justin Timberlake is ‘a work in progress’

Jessica Biel has explained why her marriage to Justin Timberlake is “a work in progress”.

The 42-year-old actor spoke candidly about her relationship with Timberlake – who she’s been married to since 2012 – during a recent appearance on The View. During the episode, TV host Sara Haines asked Biel how she and Timberlake manage their separate work schedules and time apart, while also raising their two sons, Silas, eight, and Phineas, three, together.

In response, Biel explained how she and her husband – who’s currently on tour – try to prioritise time with each other, despite how busy they are in their careers.

“It’s always a work in progress,” she said. “It’s constantly trying to find the balance, trying to find the time to connect. Thank goodness for Zoom and FaceTime.”

After noting that technology has been extremely helpful for her family, especially when they’re travelling, she emphasised how important quality time is for her and Timberlake in their marriage.

“Just finding we can connect and see each other in person,” she continued. “Get him with the kids. We’ve never done this before with two [kids].”

The 7th Heaven star went on to quip about how tiring it’s been to travel with her children, as Timblerlake is on his latest international tour – Forget Tomorrow World Tour – following the March 2024 release of his newest album, Everything I Thought I Was.

“I’m already exhausted, and there’s been four shows,” she said, referring to her husband’s tour. “I don’t know how he is going to do it. I don’t know how we’re going to do it. But we’re going to get through it.”

Last April, Biel took to Instagram to share some sweet snaps of her and her children at Timberlake’s show. One photo in the post showed the longtime couple backstage, while another picture showed Silas and Phinease posing in Justin Timberlake-themed merch. “It’s a family affair y’all,” she wrote in the caption.

Throughout their relationship of nearly 12 years, Biel and Timberlake have been vocal about supporting each other. In January, Biel posted a video montage on Instagram that featured sweet moments of her and her husband, in honour of his birthday. “I ALWAYS got you. Happy birthday, babe,” she wrote in the caption.

In October 2022, the couple also revealed that in honour of their 10th wedding anniversary, they renewed their vows in Italy. While opening up about the occasion a month later, Biel also confessed that the ceremony wasn’t as big as a milestone as it would seem.

“That kind of sounds, [a] big deal right — a vow renewal. It was not,” she said, during an appearance on Today in November 2022.

She explained that only a few loved ones attended the vow renewal, before noting that it nearly didn’t happen at all. However, Biel acknowledged that she was ultimately grateful the ceremony happened, as it was a special moment for her and her husband.

“It was very intimate, it was very small,” the actor explained. “A couple of our friends, and we literally barely put this thing together. We almost cancelled it. We thought: ‘Oh, is this silly? Are we going to feel goofy doing this?’ And, actually, it was so moving. I felt like: ‘Wow, we’re really kind of, we’re going to keep doing this. Look at us.’ It felt really nice.”