Jeremy Clarkson's Farm star overwhelmed by number of nude photos he's sent by fans

Kaleb Cooper, the breakout star of Jeremy Clarkson's Farm, has been left gobsmacked by the number of nude selfies he receives from both male and female fans.

The 25 year old farm manager, who oversees operations at the famous Diddly Squat Farm that's owned by Jeremy Clarkson in the Cotswolds, opened up about the unexpected attention he's been getting since the show took off.

Despite being a dad-of-two and happily engaged to his partner Taya, Kaleb has found himself an unlikely sex symbol with a staggering 2.3 million followers on Instagram, thanks to the success of the Amazon Prime series.

However, Kaleb suspects that those sending him risque snaps might be under the influence, commenting: "I get naked pictures every now and then."

When asked if it's men or women sending the nudes, he revealed: "Both... I think everyone's drinking at eight o'clock," reports the Daily Star.

The reality TV star also shared a rare insight into his working relationship with Jeremy Clarkson, noting that their on-screen arguments are just the tip of the iceberg, with even the camera crew growing tired of their constant bickering.

He said: "The viewers probably only see about 30% of the arguments. The cameras stop, and then all of a sudden we're still arguing. Even the camera crew now just walk off."

Kaleb gave fans an insight into his time on Diddly Squat Farm
Kaleb gave fans an insight into his time on Diddly Squat Farm

This revelation comes hot on the heels of a major on-air fallout between Kaleb and Jeremy during the latest season of the show. Kaleb didn't hold back, calling Jeremy an "idiot" for his questionable approach to tree felling and dam repair, exasperatedly exclaiming: "For f***'s sake. I've never seen such incompetence in my life."

Jeremy Clarkson found himself in hot water after calling Kaleb Cooper a "f***ing foetus", to which Kaleb retorted by labelling the Grand Tour legend a "stupid man". The pair's dam project turned out to be on the wrong side of the law due to their failure to notify authorities about the flood risk.

It seems, in what some viewers may call 'in typical Clarkson fashion', he had neglected to don both the proper safety gear and measures to prevent flooding were overlooked.

A furious then Jeremy declared he'd never speak to Kaleb again, while Kaleb maintained his stance as just an employee.