Jamie Otis says she feels 'like a bad mom' in tearful update on 2-year-old son's health

Jamie Otis is keeping her fans updated on her son's health.

On Thursday the 35-year-old "Married At First Sight" star shared an emotional video on Instagram, In the clip, Otis reveals that she arrived late fo her 2-year-old son Hendrix's EEG test appointment to treat his ongoing febrile seizures — and she feels embarrassed and "like a bad mom."

"I owe ya an update on Hendrix's EEG from today," she captioned the post. "I know you've been praying and thinking of him."

EEG tests, or electroencephalogram, are designed to measure brain activity by attaching electrodes to the scalp. It is the primary method to test for epilepsy as well as other brain disorders, according to Mayo Clinic.

"I'm obviously incredibly embarrassed to admit I was late getting him to his appointment today," she continued, reassuring concerned fans that Hendrix's new appointment is two weeks out.

Otis admitted that there's a part of her that "wants to be mad" that he wasn't able to keep his original appointment after being "only 15 minutes late."

"Why the heck couldn't they have at least tried to fit us in?" she wrote before noting that as a nurse, she knows it's "incredibly rude" to show up late and still "expect to be seen."

"I've never done the 'mom walk of shame' before but walking out of that doctor's office definitely felt just like that," she penned. "I took my baby boy right back out to our car and cried some ugly tears. I'm so embarrassed and I feel so effin' irresponsible as a mommy."

"I don't even really want to share this 'cause I feel like a freaking idiot and a fool and like, a bad mom," Otis began the video. "But my son didn't get to his appointment on time. I was just running late getting Hendrix there."

She explained that due to a miscommunication with her husband, Doug Hehner, she was short on time to get Hendrix to his appointment.

"Doug wasn't supposed to take him to school but he did. So I had to go pick him up, which was out of the way, and I just didn't have a chance to account for all of that," she said.

While she thought she would still manage to make it to her son's appointment on time, once she arrived she "went to the wrong building," causing a significant delay. The receptionist informed the reality star that the appointment would need to be rescheduled, unfortunately.

"I take full responsibility," Otis shared. "I take full accountability. It's my fault that we're late."

She added: "I know it's rude for people to show up late, of course. Needless to say, he's not getting his EEG today."

The mom of two also included additional text in the video, doubling down that she feels like "a terrible mom right now."

"Rexy didn't get his EEG that was scheduled today. I was 15 minutes late getting him to his appointment. I went to the wrong office so it took me another 10 minutes to get to the correct office. The receptionist was pretty annoyed. Honestly, I get it. It's so rude to show up late," she wrote.

Otis' "brutally honest" video was met with supportive messages from fans who assured her that no parent is perfect.

"Don’t feel bad!" one Instagram user commented. "They should have tried to get you in though! You got this mama!"

"Don’t beat yourself up. How many times have you waited in an office? It will get done. Hendrix will be OK. Give yourself some slack, mama," another wrote.

"Shame on them," one person sounded off. "They could have tried. I’m a nurse and I’m pretty sure they could have been more helpful. You don’t think so, but you really are doing the best you can do, reschedule and regroup. It will be okay in the end."

"Mistakes happen. Be kind to yourself," commented another.

Another wrote: "I love how brutally honest you are. But don't be too hard on yourself about this. There's no such thing as a perfect parent because no one is perfect. Humans make human errors. Sending love to you and Hendrix!"

Otis has been keeping her fans apprised of her son's febrile seizures on social media all year. In July, she opened up about feeling hopeful that Hendrix will "outgrow" his condition.

"There's a big chance he will outgrow them, but there's a small chance it could be something more," she said. "Honestly, I feel so much more relaxed and just all around better knowing that after this doctors have seen the videos of Rexy seizing that he still thinks it's something he can grow out of."

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