Jamie Laing moved to tears as wife Sophie reveals big life update

Jamie Laing was overwhelmed with emotion after wife Sophie confessed she had changed her name to Mrs Laing
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Jamie Laing was moved to tears after his wife Sophie Habboo announced she had officially changed her surname to Laing.

The 35 year old reality TV star, who shot to fame on E4's Made In Chelsea, married Sophie in a beautiful ceremony at the Chelsea registry office last April. The couple then jetted off to Spain for another lavish ceremony the following month.

Despite signing her marriage certificate, the 30 year old hadn't legally changed her surname from Habboo to Laing until now.

During their Newlyweds podcast, Sophie shared the news through a touching poem, which began: "It's been one wonderful year since I became your wife, saying I do to you was the best decision of my life."

As she came to the end of her heartfelt speech, Sophie's eyes welled up as she made a big announcement: "So happy anniversary from me, Mrs. Sophie Laing. Yes that's right Laing. I have officially changed my name."

On hearing this, Jamie couldn't hold it back anymore and let out a flood of tears before leaping up to lovingly plant a kiss on Sophie.

Overcome with emotion, he stuttered: "You haven't? No you haven't? Have you actually? What! are you joking or being serious? I was not expecting that! I need to give you a hug, that means the world. Honey, that is a lot, have you actually changed your name."

Jamie recently opened up on Good Morning Britain with hosts Susanna Reid and Martin Lewis about being utterly gobsmacked by his wife's unexpected revelation. He shared: "It was very sweet and emotional she surprised me that she had changed her name during our podcast and I had tears in my eyes. I was emotional it really caught me by surprise."

However, it appears that the spark in the bedroom might be dimming for the newlyweds. In a candid chat with The Sun On Sunday, Jamie quipped: "I used to start doing joined-up handwriting then I thought, 'I can't be bothered with that as it's quicker for me to not do it joined up', I'm a bit like that in the bedroom. I don't give up halfway but I do remember that once I rolled on top of Sophie and she said, ''Oh, get on with it'."