James Argent who shed 13 stone is 'more confident in the bedroom' after surgical removal of loose skin

James Argent on a red carpet wearing grey suit. (Getty Images)
James Argent says surgery to remove excess skin after weight loss has improved his love life. (Getty Images)

James Argent, known for appearing on The Only Way Is Essex, says surgery to remove loose skin after he shed 13st (82.5kg) has helped to improve his love life.

The 35-year-old went from 27st (171kg) to 14st (89kg) in 2021 after having gastric sleeve surgery but was left with excess skin around his stomach.

However, Argent said he’s now looking forward to summer after having surgery to remove the excess skin. “I am confident in the bedroom now. Regardless of whether it's romantically or by a beach or in clothes, across the board I am more confident now in all of those areas,” Argent told MailOnline.

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“Whether you're a man or woman or have a dream body from the outside, everyone has certain parts of their body they wish they could improve, or they don't like no matter who you are.

“I am body confident now. Don't get me wrong I still want to improve and get into the gym and tone up more, but I'll absolutely be confident when summer rolls around.”

Argent said after losing half of his body weight, he was still unable to wear a tight-fitting top because he was self-conscious of the loose skin around his “tummy and sides”.

James Argent before and after his weight loss. (Getty Images)
James Argent before and after his weight loss, left in 2019 and right in 2022. (Getty Images)

“I knew that with skin there was nothing I could do with diet or exercise. I wanted to still feel confident naked or around the swimming pool,” he added.

“To be completely honest with you, since my first operation, even though I had lost all this weight, I was still wearing double XL and triple XL swimming shorts and I would pull them above my belly button. Whenever I was around the pool or beach, I wore my swimming shorts really high to cover my excess skin so no one would see.”

Argent clarified that he wouldn’t be having any more surgery, but that getting the loose skin removed was the “icing on the cake” of his weight loss journey.

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The media personality has been dating 18-year-old Stella Turian for eight months after meeting at a wedding in summer last year.

The relationship has been long-distance as Turian lives in her native Italy while Argent lives in Essex.

“We are really happy. Me and Stella are both really, really happy. Everything is going well, and we are very close,” Argent told the publication.

Along with the weight loss, Argent said he’s also been sober for over a year after facing both drug and alcohol addictions in the past.

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“I have been through a hell of a lot, and it's taken a lot to get to the place where I am now,” he added.

“There are days where I still struggle and feel down but now, I have the tools to use when I am going through those difficult times.

“I am well over a year clean and sober, which is the most important thing. I've got all my weight off, I'm no longer binge eating or overeating, and I'm surrounding myself with good positive people and doing positive things.”

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