Jaime Pressly mistaken for Margot Robbie

Jaime Pressly gets mistaken for Margot Robbie credit:Bang Showbiz
Jaime Pressly gets mistaken for Margot Robbie credit:Bang Showbiz

Jaime Pressly is mistaken for Margot Robbie “all the time”.

The 45-year-old actress has grown used to people thinking she is the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star – who, at 32, is more than a decade younger – because the confusion happens on a regular basis.

She said: “The celebrity I am mistaken for is Margot Robbie. It happens all the time.”

Jaime admitted her “proudest moment” of her time in Hollywood was taking home an Emmy Award for her role in sitcom ‘My Name is Earl’ shortly after she and former partner Eric Calvo welcomed their son Dezi, now 15, into the world.

She said: “The proudest moment in my career was winning an Emmy for ‘My Name is Earl’ right after I gave birth to my [eldest] son Dezi.”

The ‘Mom’ star called her witnessing her kids - which also include her five-year-old twin sons Leo and Lenon, who she has with her husband Hamzi Hijazi- go through things for the first time her “favourite” part of motherhood.

Jamie told Us Weekly magazine: “My favourite thing about being a mom is being able to see my boys experience and see new things for the first time. It makes it new for me again.”

The ‘Joe Dirt’ star offered some tips for fresh talent; to “learn the business” and the importance of remaining “true to yourself”.

She said: “My advice for up-and-coming-actresses would be to learn the business - not just your lines, but the business; how it works, what your rights are, and stay true to yourself.”

The ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ star mused that beauty and brains do go together and believing otherwise is a “misconception”.

She said: “The biggest misconception about being labelled ‘beautiful’ is that that’s all you are and that you don’t have a brain - which couldn’t be further from the truth.”