Jack Harlow finds confidence sexy

Jack Harlow thinks confidence is sexy credit:Bang Showbiz
Jack Harlow thinks confidence is sexy credit:Bang Showbiz

Jack Harlow finds confidence "sexy."

The 24-year-old rapper - who is currently thought to be single but was previously linked to fellow rapper Saweetie and reportedly dated TikTok star Addison Rae - explained that "intelligence" and being sure of oneself are two of the attributes he finds most attractive in a woman.

He said: "Sexy is just a magnetic pull. Awareness is sexy. I find confidence and intelligence most sexy in a woman."

Meanwhile, the 'Whats Poppin' hitmaker recently visited his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky and celebrated his return by taking his childhood friends out for dinner before explaining that he is becoming more aware of what makes him truly "happy" in life.

He told PEOPLE: "I won't cut back on spending hours and hours with my childhood friends in my Kentucky home or taking those same friends out to eat. Last week I was home and we went to a new restaurant we've never been to every night. Hard to say why it makes me happy. I like sharing my unique access and privilege with them — it's more fun to experience this life together than by myself.

"It's rare I get to experience [an early morning]. I stay up late and sleep in a lot. But I love the peace of the morning and the feeling of having a whole day in front of me. Being awake before other people is exciting to me. I feel like I am under fewer and fewer illusions about what makes me happy. I really know what I want and I'm as disciplined as ever."