J Lo's engagement ring is worth as much as £5 million, claims jewellery expert

Alex Rodriguez proposed to J Lo with an emerald cut diamond. [Photo: Getty/Instagram]
Alex Rodriguez proposed to J Lo with an emerald cut diamond. [Photo: Getty/Instagram]

J Lo‘s engagement ring is likely worth several million pounds, according to a leading jeweller.

The 49-year-old announced her engagement to her partner of two years, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, 43, over the weekend.

She marked the relationship milestone with a picture of her emerald cut engagement ring, which she shared with her 88.5 million followers on Instagram.

And while fans were quick to congratulate J Lo – aka Jennifer Lopez – on her happy news, it is fair to say few could take their eyes off her ring.

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While the emerald cut diamond ring’s origin and designer has not been announced, it is estimated to be worth as much as £5 million, according to jeweller Ben Johnson of Miltons Diamonds.

“With a diamond of this quality and magnitude, only the basics need to be done well to draw the eye of any person passing by and obviously, this is done to the highest standard judging from the photo on J Lo’s Instagram,” he told Yahoo UK.

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“The emerald cut diamond seems to be the cut of choice for many, with Mariah Carey and Beyoncé both opting for emerald cut diamond engagement rings in the past.

“It looks to be approximately 20 carats in size and will, of course, be of very high quality, you could expect to pay up to £5,000,000 for this ring.”

As for the designer, Johnson cannot know for sure – but suspects it is the work of American designer Lorraine Schwartz.

“The ring’s design seems to draw comparisons to previous designs by Lorraine Schwartz but we have heard no news of who designed the ring, or confirmation of the diamond’s characteristics making it hard to judge the rings exact value.”

Jason D’Heureux, creative director of Taylor & Hart, values the jewellery at the lower but still substantial price of £3.84 million.

He said: “Known for their subtle elegance, emerald-cuts are the preferred shape among celebrities for large (15+ carats) engagement rings. Wearers are drawn to the sleek architectural beauty of the shape, known for its seamless fusion of light and dark planes called the “hall of mirrors”.

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“Likely set in platinum, the solitaire engagement ring has sculptural eagle claws securing the megawatt centre stone, proudly displayed for the world to see. This stunning engagement ring embodies J.Lo’s personality–bold, confident and powerful.”

J Lo has previously been married three times: to Ohani Noa, Cris Judd, and Marc Anthony. She was also engaged to Ben Affleck.

This isn’t her first emerald cut engagement: Judd proposed with an emerald-cut diamond in 2001, which at the time was reportedly worth a six figure sum, according to E! Online.

While it is not known when J Lo and Rodriguez plan to tie the knot, it seems they may have had an early start on their wedding diet. Earlier this year, J Lo shared in an Instagram post that the pair were on a “no sugar, no carbs” diet last 10 days.

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