ITV's Anne: What happened to Anne's husband Steve Williams?

ITV's latest drama Anne follows the true story of campaigner Anne Williams in her fight for justice for the 97 people who lost their lives due to the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, including her 15-year-old son Kevin.

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While viewers have been learning more about Anne Williams' life over the course of the drama, some are curious to know who her husband Steve is.

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Who is Steve Williams?

Steve Williams is the husband of campaigner Anne Williams and step-father to Kevin, Anne's son from a previous marriage who died in the 1989 tragedy.

Steve is Anne's second partner, whom he met following her first marriage. The couple share a daughter together, Sara, but Anne also had two sons from her previous marriage, the youngest being Kevin.

What happened to Steve Williams?

While not much has been reported about Steve in recent years, we do know that actor Stephen Walters, who plays Steve in the ITV drama, got to meet him before filming the series.

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Speaking to Vernon Kay and Rochelle Humes on the ITV daytime show This Morning in December, Stephen revealed that it was a "gift" to meet him. He told the presenters: "I got to meet Steve and we bonded over music first, we both play guitar and he's got a pretty impressive album collection."


Stephen Walters met Steve before filming the series

"It's always a gift to meet somebody that you're going to play but you don't want to impersonate them either," he added.

When asked if there was a pressure to play a real-life figure, Stephen responded: "You always feel a responsibility whatever part you're playing but when you're playing somebody who is real in a biographical sense you want to try and do justice to that and one of the gifts I got meeting Steve was how different people react to grief."

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"Steve is a very sort of introspective, private guy and I think he internalised a lot of his grief. There's no right way to grieve," he added.


Steve and Anne share a daughter together

While Steve hasn't publicly spoken about the series, his daughter Sara praised their handling of the subject in a statement to ITV. She said: "I just think it's amazing. They've done an amazing job showing my mum's fight and as a family, what we all went through."

She added: "I'd lived it. But seeing on screen what we actually went through as the family... it was an eye-opener, even though we knew the story."

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