ITV Coronation Street fans ‘rumble’ Denny’s true intentions as Paul and Gemma’s dad arrives

Coronation Street fans are convinced they've rumbled a chilling twist involving newcomer Denny, Paul and Gemma Winter's estranged father who made his debut on Wednesday's episode (May 1.)

As regular viewers know, Paul was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) last year, leaving him devastated. Initially, he kept his diagnosis a secret for a while but eventually confided in husband Billy Mayhew and those close to him about his condition. Paul celebrated what was thought to be his last Christmas with his family in December, and it is anticipated that Paul will tragically pass away in the coming months before 2024 ends.

Earlier this week, Billy helped Paul prepare for his radio interview with Amy Barlow, reassuring him that he would do great. However, Paul was left angry when a taxi arrived for him and mother Bernie Winter, as the car wasn't large enough for his wheelchair, and the driver was rude and dismissive.

During Amy's interview with Paul, he spoke passionately about his MND and society's general disregard for disability, but got carried away and swore live on air, leaving Amy worried about her radio presenting career due to the mistake. Despite the swearing, the interview was a huge success and it was revealed that a MND crowdfunder had raised £850, reports the Mirror.

During the episode, a man in a van was seen listening to the radio and took note of Paul's name, and in Wednesday's visit to the cobbles, viewers were left gobsmacked as the mystery man who approached Bernie outside the cafe was revealed to be Denny, Paul and Gemma's father.

Many fans fear Denny is seeking to defraud his dying son in upcoming scenes
Despite the warning from his family, Paul was keen to hear Denny out. -Credit:ITV

He told her he'd heard Paul on the radio and was shocked to learn his son was dying. Bernie, taken aback, quickly spun a lie, telling Denny that Paul had already passed away and the interview was a recording - but Denny wasn't buying it.

He followed Bernie back to the flat where Gemma and Paul were stunned to see their dad. It didn't take long for Denny to call out Bernie's lie, noting that Paul looked pretty good for a dead man. This left Bernie in a panic and both she and Gemma soon made it clear that Denny wasn't welcome, but he pleaded with Paul to hear him out.

Later, at the Rovers Return, Denny confessed to being a terrible father but vowed he'd changed. However, his promises fell flat when he kept plying Paul with drinks until he was sick, leaving Billy and Bernie livid. Determined to protect her family, Bernie warned Denny to stay away. But Denny just laughed, reminding Bernie of her own guilty secret.

Despite the warning from his family, Paul was keen to hear Denny out.
Despite the warning from his family, Paul was keen to hear Denny out.

In the episode, Bernie challenged Denny about his intentions for visiting. He claimed to want to spend time with his son while he can, yet Bernie wasn't buying it. She said: "Nah, I'm not buying it you see the thing is I know you..." before Denny retorted: "I know you! A lot better than Paul and Gemma do, obviously, now they might think I'm a terrible parent but I ain't got nothing on you... or actually, I have got something on you and we wouldn't want that to get out, would we? Shush! ".

Following the new development, fans were quick to share their thoughts, with many believing Denny might be there to steal the MND crowd funding money. One viewer tweeted: "Guessing Paul's dad is after the fundraiser money #Corrie".

Another one chimed in: "Is Paul's dad after the crowdfund money ? #Corrie", before a third fan commented: "Paul and Gemma's dad is there to steal the money he's getting from the crowd funding.."

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