Coronation Street's Peter Ash's devastating update on Paul's future as he admits ‘he’s having a real problem breathing’

Coronation Street’s Peter Ash has shared an update on his character Paul Foreman's health as his MND symptoms continue to progress rapidly. In upcoming scenes, Paul tries to make the most of the time he has got left and is stunned to be reunited with his estranged father Denny (Danny Cunningham).

Paul appears on Amy Barlow's (Elle Mulvaney) radio show, and it seems this is how Denny tracks him down. Despite having had a difficult relationship with his father, Paul gives him a chance and they head to the pub together.

Speaking about the storyline, actor Peter said: "I think had it been a couple years ago, without the MND diagnosis, he probably would have told his dad to do one, basically. Because he wasn't a nice person at all. But I think Paul has a different outlook now because obviously he's dying, and I think he's just got a different way of looking at that."

Peter Ash as Paul Foreman
Peter Ash plays Paul Foreman in Coronation Street -Credit:ITV

Peter says Paul and Denny "get on alright" during their outing as his dad treats him as a "normal person". However, the following day Denny leaves Paul alone for too long at the flat and returns to find him in a bad state. Paul attempts to call an ambulance but is unable to do so.

"Yeah, he's having a real problem breathing. From the day before, when he goes to the pub with Denny, he drinks a bit too much and he's a little bit sick that day, I think it's still on his lungs, and that's what causes the coughing fit the next day," Peter said.

Denny [DANNY CUNNINGHAM] returns and is shocked to find Paul Foreman [PETER ASH] barely conscious.
Paul's estranged dad Denny arrives on the cobbles -Credit:ITV

Understandably, Paul's partner Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) is unhappy about what's gone on. He is left unimpressed after finding out Denny has taken Paul to the pub and also taken off his neck collar, which helps support the weight of Paul's head.

Paul's sister Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) and mum Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) are also not happy with Denny's arrival. Peter added: "They're not impressed at all. I mean, I think Paul's probably the one that's the most positive about his return, at the start anyway. He's short of time, and he wants to smooth anything over he can before his time's up, really."

Coronation Street
Denny returns to find Paul barely conscious -Credit:ITV

The actor also spoke about how he's finding portraying Paul as the character's MND symptoms continue to progress. Peter admitted he feels "a responsibility" to ensure the portrayal is as accurate as possible.

"In some ways it is less difficult to play as Paul moves a lot less and I am in the chair a lot of the time. I also find that when I am in the chair my arm automatically goes into position, there is a certain amount of muscle memory when you do something so often," the actor said.

He added: "The voice has been something I have worked on a lot, I have to speak so that people can understand but show that Paul is having difficulty speaking. I also feel a responsibility to make sure the portrayal is accurate."

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