Inside Scott Mills' summer wedding plans including 'Eurovision nods'

BBC Radio 2 presenter Scott Mills may be preparing for the big week of Eurovision madness ahead, but he's also busy with wedding planning ahead of marrying fiancé Sam Vaughan this summer. The broadcaster, 51, announced in 2021 that he was engaged to boyfriend of four years Sam and in an exclusive chat with OK!, Scott has revealed that he's "feeling the pressure" ahead of his nuptials this year.

"Planning is going really well, it's really near now," he said. "It's a summer wedding. I think we're worked out all the logistics of everything and what's going to happen on the day."

Scott added that despite being a long-established radio presenter, he's nervous about his speech - which he's yet to write. "What I haven't written yet, which I think I should tackle quite soon and I'll probably do it the week after Eurovision, is my speech," he added.

Scott Mills is marrying his fiancé Sam Vaughan this summer
Scott Mills is marrying his fiancé Sam Vaughan this summer

"I think especially in my job, there will be high expectations of 'Oh his speech is going to be good.' Well, I haven’t written it yet and also I'm not that good at public speaking despite being on the radio every day. So I think I'm feeling the pressure about my speech, because I've got to nail that, haven’t I?"

As for whether guests can expect a Eurovision theme for his big day, Scott admitted that there will be "nods" to the iconic singing contest.

"I'm actually taking my fiancé to Eurovision this year. When we met, he kind of knew what I did but he didn't know that I worked on Eurovision and he was like, 'No, I don't like Eurovision, it's not really for me, I don't get it.'

"That was fine. Then I said to him one year - the first year that me and Rylan started working together - I said, 'Just come for two days and see if you like it.' He came for two days, absolutely loved it and has been there ever since for the whole week!

"He's gone from disliking Eurovision to loving it so much that there are not one but two nods to Eurovision at our wedding."

While Scott is keeping tight-lipped about the Eurovision cameos, he hinted: "One of them is a surprise. One of them is when people enter the room, one of the songs as the guests sit down is a Eurovision winning song.

"It's not that hard to work out. When I told the people who are going to be performing it, I thought they'd be like, 'What's that?' They were like 'Oh, everyone knows that song, of course we'll do it' So they're going to do a slow, acoustic version of this winning song."

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 begins with the semi-finals on Tuesday 7th May and Thursday 9th May at 8pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The final will take place on Saturday 10th May at 8pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.