Inside Jasmine Harman's new dream home in Spain after family relocates - exclusive photos

Jasmine Harman's new kitchen
Jasmine Harman's new kitchen (HELLO!)

Wall-to-wall sunshine, a glistening shoreline and an enchanting old town – it's easy to see why Jasmine Harman is embracing the beauty of Estepona.

The presenter of Channel 4's A Place in the Sunhas relocated to Spain with husband Jon Boast and their children, Joy, nine, and seven-year-old Albion, after finding the family's dream home.

Jasmine Harman's move to Spain

"It has been a huge decision – a year or more in the making," Jasmine, 47, says. "For both of us, it was about making the best life. The years slip away and that was very much why we wanted to make this move; to have more quality time together, more family time.

"Our children mean the world to us. Everything we do is for them. It's about grasping opportunities when you have them. Family is the most important thing and this will give us a much better balance."

Jasmine Harman at home with her family
Jasmine Harman and her family have moved to Spain

While the commute for Jasmine has become a whole lot easier when filming in Spain, director of photography Jon, 44 – who she met when he was filming her first episode of the TV show and married five years later, in 2009 – will be the one who will be travelling more.

"It's taken us a long time to realise: live for the moment and enjoy those you love every day," he says. "Jas is used to the commute from the UK to Spain; now it's my turn to do vice versa.

"While I still work in the UK quite a bit, stepping through this door is like a sigh of relief. This is not just a house; it's our sanctuary. Jasmine has worked her magic and this place already feels like our little haven."

Jasmine Harman's living room
The couple's stunning new house

Jasmine Harman's friendship with Jonnie Irwin and Laura Hamilton

Their words are particularly poignant after their close friend and Jasmine's former A Place in the Sun co-host Jonnie Irwin was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2020.

Jasmine says: "We have had friends – including Jonnie, obviously – who have had life-changing illnesses and diagnoses. And we have had bereavements, too, that have made us take stock of things. You never know what is around the corner.

Jasmine Harman walking in Spain
The presenter is used to finding dream homes for other families in Spain (HELLO!)

"I say that to my house-hunters – for a lot of people, losing someone or a health scare can be a catalyst for them to decide: 'Let's do this. It's now or never. Life's too short to mess around.'"

Smiling warmly, she adds: "I've been chatting to Jonnie and we've been messaging and he said he is going to come over and visit us. He is a very, very special friend to me. I would love it if he and Jess and the kids are able to come."

The show's presenters are very much a family – Laura Hamilton has also been on hand to help and has already popped in to see how well they've already settled in.

Jasmine Harman at home with husband Jon
The presenter at home with husband Jon

Embracing their new home

"Not to say we haven't had a few wobbles on the way," Jasmine says of their decision to leave their London home. "There were times I thought: 'This is too much, I don't think we can do it.' The mental load was intense."

Jon adds: "I won't lie – the move filled me with some big anxieties. But now, coming to our new home already feels like a warm embrace. Hopefully it's going to help me switch off from work and focus on the kids even more. They are the biggest motivation in our lives."

Jasmine immediately knew it was the one. "It has a lovely community feel. We have lots of Spanish families nearby and I've been hovering outside to say hello to all our new neighbours. We're planning a housewarming to get to know everyone."

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