Instagram couple defend 'life-risking' infinity pool shot

Kelly and Kody have been slated for their infinity pool shot. [Instagram/@positravelty]
Kelly and Kody have been slated for their infinity pool shot. [Instagram/@positravelty]

A Instagram “travel couple” known for their beautiful shots taken around the world have been slated for supposedly “risk[ing] their lives” for a photograph.

Kelly and Kody, from Michigan, US, are known for their joint Instagram account @positravelty, which boasts 106,000 followers.

But one of their recent posts, shared on 2 April, has been met with controversy on the social media platform.

One person called it a “silly stunt”, while another user wrote: “very stupid to risk the life of your significant one. Just for a stupid photo...”.

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Another commented: “Almost got a Darwin Award for this. Keep trying you’ll get it,” referring to the infamous prize awarded for those dying “in the stupidest ways”.

Others defended the couple, pointing out that the photo opportunity was “their choice”.

“Some of you guys need to just chill. It’s their life. Their experience. Their choice!”, wrote one person, while another added: “Not sure why this is such a big deal to everyone. Enjoy life and take risks!”

As is often the way with Instagram, it later emerged the picture isn’t all it seems.

"There is a pool below", the couple explained in the comments section below.

In an email to Fox News, the couple commented that they did not want to focus on the “negativity” surrounding the image.

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“We aren't going to feed into the negativity on this,” said the statement.

"We have received so much love, support, kindness and thoughtful messages from friends, family and our community.

"This is something we are very happy about, an aspect of this that we find ourselves immensely proud of.

"This has become a bigger deal than we could have ever imagined and we, going forward only wish to discuss positive things and the reality behind the photo."

Kelly and Kody aren’t the first Instagram couple who have been landed in hot water after posing for for an extreme shot.

Last month, travel bloggers Raquel and Miguel, who go by the username, @exploressaurus_, on social media were criticised after hanging out of a train in Sri Lanka to capture the perfect shot.