Idina Menzel has recurring nightmare about all her teeth falling out

Idina Menzel suffers regular nightmares including a terrifying dream about all her teeth falling out.

The 'Frozen' star has opened up about sleeping habits and revealed she often has vivid dreams which leave her terrified including one about failing to graduate from college and another in which she loses all her teeth.

She told Us Weekly magazine: "I have recurring nightmares that I haven't graduated from college and that me teeth are falling out."

However, despite suffering bad dreams, Idina insists she never has any trouble falling asleep. She added: "I can fall asleep anywhere."

The actress/ singer recently opened up about battling her "neuroses" and admitted she had particularly struggled with turning 50 last year.

However, she credited her 12-year-old son Walker - who she has with husband ex-husband Taye Diggs - with helping her conquer her fears.

She said of reaching the milestone age: “I am ashamed to say it, but I was having a hard time with it. I think it was subconsciously bothering me more than I led on, in regards to my relevance as a performer and actress. I’m feeling like the old lady sometimes, and that’s not who I am. I feel very young at heart. “I’m very vibrant, and the music I sing is for lots of young people. So it’s silly for me to play into that. But I will be honest and say I have to combat a lot of my own neuroses. "[Walker] says, ‘Mom, don’t look in the mirror and worry about how you look. You’re beautiful.’”

Idina is now married to Aaron Lohr.