Husband secretly follows wife's Pinterest account for years to buy her the perfect presents

Well played [Photo: Twitter/Jordan Lebeau]
Well played [Photo: Twitter/Jordan Lebeau]

While some of us have to hint for that present we’ve always wanted year after year, one man has gone to extra-special lengths to get his wife the perfect birthday gift each year.

Jordan Lebeau from New Jersey in the US has always mysteriously bought his wife TyAnna exactly what she wants year after year.

And she’s never had a clue how he’s done it.

Though Lebeau might have given the game up now as he recently revealed on Twitter that he’s been secretly following his wife’s Pinterest account to find her the perfect gifts.

The post soon went viral, and now has more than 80,000 retweets and 300,000 likes.

“I have a secret account that follows my wife’s,” he wrote.

“She has no clue how I always get her what she wants.”

According to Bored Panda, he started the fake account back in 2014 just as the pair had started dating.

When Valentine’s Day came along, he had no idea what to buy her until a friend suggested taking a peek at her Pinterest page.

Which began years of taking sneaky looks at her page, dazzling her with earrings, lip glosses and a sapphire nose ring inspired by her posts.

And the internet can’t get enough of the story.

“That’s the smartest/sweetest thing I’ve ever heard a husband say,” said one reply to his tweet.

“Well done.”

“Whoa! You sir, are winning at life. And, I’ll dm you my husband’s info,” joked another.

“Do me a favor [sic] and let him know this is a thing.”

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