People are using make-up sponges to make period sex 'cleaner'

These are not tampons [Photo: Instagram/offabeauty]
These are not tampons [Photo: Instagram/offabeauty]

If you want period sex to be totally blood free, perhaps you shouldn’t do it.

Because in bid to make it that way, some people are putting things up their vaginas which shouldn’t be put up their vaginas.

“For those who prefer mess-free sex, what you need is a make-up sponge,” a Lifehacker article advises.

“If you would like to have bloodless oral, digital, and penetrative sex during your period, cosmetic wedges might just change your life.”

They suggest inserting one or two up to your cervix before having sex, during which “fingers may be able to feel them, but most penises—even condomless ones—will be none the wiser, and tongues won’t get anywhere near them”.

Not what the doctor ordered [Photo: Pexels]
Not what the doctor ordered [Photo: Pexels]

And afterwards you fish them out again somehow, a process which the author describes as “not for the faint of heart”.

Which anyone who’s worn a tampon – which you know, has a string to help with that – could guess.

While Dr. Lanalee Sam of Elite Ob/Gyn told the site that “make-up applicators and sea sponges aren’t particularly better or worse than a tampon”, other experts firmly disagree.

“It is not a “hack” to suggest women use make-up sponges or sea sponges for their period, it is a gross disregard of the evidence that is currently available and a disservice to women,” gynaecologist Dr Jen Gunter told Metro.

“It is not acceptable to fail to inform your readers about the fact the polyester foam material you are suggesting for menstrual hygiene has been implicated as a causative agent in mTSS.”

It is also not okay to imply that make-up sponges and sea sponges are the same as tampons safety wise because they are not.”

So use something that’s been designed to put up a vagina such as a diaphragm if you want mess-free period sex.

Or just wait it out for a few days.

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