Liz Hurley looks fantastic modelling her bikinis, but how well is her swimwear business doing?

She has posted nine Instagram photos of her in her bikini range in the last month alone. [Photo: Getty]
She has posted nine Instagram photos of her in her bikini range in the last month alone. [Photo: Getty]

Elizabeth Hurley has ramped up the self-promotion this month by posting a total of nine pictures of her in her swimwear collection to her 1.2 million followers.

She even celebrated her 54th birthday in a bikini.

It seems the swimwear images aren’t translating to sales, though.

Financial experts have described her business, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, as “technically insolvent”.

The company was set up in 2005 but recent figures show that the company has a large amount of net liabilities.

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The company trades under Simian Productions and has liabilities of £262,823 for the year ending December 2017.

Experts have suggested that the model could be liable for the debts if she continued to trade knowing the financial position the company is in.

The company has a note on it to say that if the company falls short of funds, the director will support the business.

That suggests that either Liz, or her sister Kate, who is also a director of the company, is personally funding it.

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Earlier this year, she explained that her bikini photos are more than just pictures to fill up her Instagram grid.

“It’s not just a mad ego trip. It’s not just me going nuts on holiday. It’s a business.”

She continued: “If I didn’t have my own bikini line, I probably wouldn’t be posting pictures of myself in a bikini.”

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The company hasn’t made money for some time and has been in the red since 2012. However, the liabilities shot up rapidly in 2016.

Elizabeth Hurley Beach also owes either herself or her sister Kate ££392,960. This money was loaned to the company interest free.

Bikinis on the website go up to £171 with resort wear costing up to £315.

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