Woman shares very simple hack for how to stop avocados going brown

We all love a good avocado. (Getty Images)
We all love a good avocado. (Getty Images)

It’s undeniable; avocados have had quite the rise to fame over the last five years. In fact, the World Avocado Association found that sales are up by 26% in the UK.

We don’t blame people for jumping on the bandwagon. The versatile fruit is great on toast for breakfast and brunch and is a key ingredient in guacamole, our favourite accompaniment to any good Mexican dish.

There’s one downside though. Once they’re opened, they don’t last very long.

That is until now, of course. TikTok has already given us so many great hacks and now it has once again produced the goods.

We know you’re probably assuming that this hack involves blood, sweat and tears to get right, but in fact, it’s rather frustratingly simple.

The hack? Put the half of avocado in water. That’s it. Why haven’t we ever thought of this before?

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The TikTok user simply drops her avocado, skin side up, into enough water to cover half of it.

While many people are branding this woman’s simple trick as “genius”, you may be wondering if it actually works or not. After all, if this was common knowledge, why are we only just hearing about it?

If you’re cautious of trying this trick, the avocado hero has followed up her original story – which received almost 1m views – with an update.

One day later, she picked the avocado up out of its watery new home and showed the naysayers just how perfect (and most importantly not brown) the fruit looked.

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It didn’t end there, though. If you’re a lover of avocado-based content, this woman – who hailed her trick as her “greatest contribution to TikTok” – has now dedicated her feed almost entirely to avocado-based tips and tricks.

One savvy viewer wrote “oil works better than water”, which the woman shared on her page.

She went on to try out different hacks - which included wrapping the avocado and using lemon to preserve it - in order to give her viewers the very best advice.

This is true commitment to the cause and we’re here for it.

“With all my research, I’ve found that oil does work a little better than water,” she finally announced after a week of testing her findings.

She also concluded that wrapping the avocado with onion works, too, but you’ve got to be on board with your avocado tasting like onion.

Mind. Blown.