How to make your cheap plonk taste expensive

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Let’s make one thing clear: Cheap wine is a marvellous thing. To have a good night in with a few glasses, you don’t need something that’ll break the bank and more often than not a £5 bottle of Pinot will do.

But if you do, for whatever reason, need to make your wine taste of something finer without spending any money, this super-quick hack could do just this.

Dan Marshall has revealed - in his new series of life hack books - that all you need to do is pour the wine into a blender and whizz it around for about 30 seconds.

This apparently aerates it, allowing the flavours to develop further.

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And Marshall isn’t the only one to have tried out this method. ABC News conducted a blind taste test with experts, wine rookies and moderate drinkers.

They tried three bottles of wine; a cheap one, a cheap-but-blended one and an expensive one.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the experts picked out the expensive bottle straight away and liked the blended wine the least, while the rookies liked the blended wine the most and the expensive bottle the least.

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But most interestingly, while the moderate drinkers usually liked the expensive bottle most, the blended cheap wine consistently performed better than the unblended cheap one, coming at second place.

While it wasn’t exactly a scientific test, it suggests one thing: That unless you’re having a bunch of experts over to your place for some plonk, giving it a quick blend could make it taste much better.

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