How Much Does A Boob Job Actually Cost?


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Breast augmentation is still the most popular cosmetic surgery for women in the UK. According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, almost 10,000 boob jobs were performed in 2015. And because it’s so popular, it’s also one of the safest and well-researched cosmetic surgeries you can have.

But new boobs don’t come cheap, and there are many hidden costs you probably haven’t even considered. A cheap offer on breast surgery should not sway you in making your decision – when it comes to cosmetic procedures, you get what you pay for, and no one wants a surgeon that values his or her skills lower than the rest of the market. But the cost of the surgery aside, there are a host of hidden costs that you probably haven’t thought of.

Surgery: £4,698

Prices at The Private Clinic for breast augmentation start at £4,530, while Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, which has clinics all over the UK, charges £4,250-£5,300. According to, the average cost of a boob job is £4,698, based on prices from 113 clinics around the UK, with prices ranging from a worryingly cheap £2,200 up to £7,000.

Prices for the surgery vary, depending on the clinic you go, the type of implant you have (silicone and saline implants are the two most common types on offer in the UK, with costing saline implants slightly less) and the size of your implants.

Hidden cost 1: Travel to clinic

You’ll need to have a initial consultation with your surgeon. Many clinics and private hospitals don’t charge for this (although don’t take that for granted) but you’ll still need to travel there to see the surgeon. Not so much of a problem when you’re in London, but if you live out in the sticks and need to head into a big city to visit the clinic, you could rack up some travel costs that add unexpected extras to your total boob bill.

The same will apply after your surgery, when you’ll probably need to come back to the clinic for a post-op check-up so a nurse can change the dressings and check you’re healing properly. But that’s not all. The Private Clinic, for example, recommends all patients come back after six weeks for a check up, and then you’ll have an annual follow-up, so your surgeon can check the scars and make sure you haven’t experienced any capsular contracture, which is when scar tissue forms around the implant.

Hidden cost 2: Time off work

Recovery from a boob job is sore. Mr Adrian Richards, a consultant plastic surgeon with The Private Clinic, recommends a week off work after your surgery, two if your job is physical. Of course you can take this time as annual leave from work. But if that’s not an option, you may need to take unpaid time off. That’s at least £500 in lost wages over two weeks, providing you work a minimum of 37.5 hrs a week and earn at least minimum wage.

“It’s important that patients arrange some support at this time, especially if they have young children,” says Mr Richards. “It will be beneficial to have someone help the patient getting around, with the school run and so on.”

And don’t forget to stock up on dressings for your scars and painkillers to ease your recovery.

Hidden cost 3: Bras

Obviously, new boobs means new bras. A whole new lingerie and swimwear wardrobe that’s the right size for your chest. According to research done back in 2009, women buy four new bras each year. Bravissimo has a great fitting services, and specialises in plus-size bras with beautiful designs in cup sizes that most shops don’t stock. Prices are reasonable – around £32 for a bra – but buy four, plus a new bikini (obvs), and your shopping basket is quickly up to £164.

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