This is how much it costs to go on a date in 2024

A new survey has revealed exactly how much it costs to go on a date in 2024.
A new survey has revealed exactly how much it costs to go on a date in 2024. (Getty Images)

Dating is a tough gig at the best of times, but during a cost of living crisis? It can put a serious dent in your wallet.

In fact, new data has found exactly how much it can cost to go on a date in 2024 – and the price is rather eye-watering.

According to dating app, who polled 1,000 people currently signed up to its waiting list, most Brits (64%) are spending an average of £90 to £140 per date.

And, with 44% or respondents stating they go on anywhere between three and five dates per month, this is a cost that can seriously stack up.

So, how are singletons affording this? Over two-thirds of respondents (68%) admitted to using credit cards to foot the bill, while 76% say they’ve had to lower the budget of their dates recently in order to afford it.

Another 32% say that they’ve stopped taking their dates to restaurants, and started opting for low-key coffee dates as a cheaper alternative.

couple having a picnic date
A picnic with homemade food can be a nice, cheap option for a date. (Getty Images)

"Love, like any other aspect of our lives, is not immune to economic factors. It's fascinating to see how singles are adapting and redefining the dating landscape in response to financial challenges," dating expert at, Sylvia Linzalone, says.

"There’s no doubt that dating could potentially hit your finances hard, and that’s what makes addressing this issue of the cost of ‘loving’ crisis so important – ultimately, singletons are going to have to navigate this new reality, at least for now."

Linzalone adds that, if you are finding the price of dating a tough one to bear, you should be transparent with your future dates about what you can and cannot afford.

"As unromantic as it may seem, you can and should be open about your finances – perhaps not on the first date, but certainly early on," she suggests.

"Far from being a buzzkill, it’s actually a game-changer. It's not about being stingy – it's about setting the stage for a relationship grounded in transparency and understanding. And let’s face it, if your potential partner runs for the hills when you bring up the topic of money, they just weren’t worth it."

She says that some other options for less costly dates include a homemade picnic in the park, or heading to a cosy cafe.

"Remember, it's the thought, not the price tag, that creates lasting memories," Linzalone adds.

"If you want to cut costs when it comes to the dating scene, just remember that it’s all about quality and not quantity. You don’t need to go on numerous dates a month – not only is it costly, but you risk falling victim to dating fatigue, especially if those matches don’t live up to your expectations."

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