How celebrities achieve the perfect red carpet photo every time

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On 26 February, the great and good in film will grace the Oscars red carpet in LA in hopes of scoring one of the coveted golden gongs. But before they make it to the auditorium, they have a job to do: posing up a storm on the red carpet. Wearing the dreamiest of custom couture creations, Hollywood’s female stars manage to pull off a perfect picture in every single shot.

But despite appearances, not all stars are born with the confidence or grace to master the all-important step and repeat – they’ve put in the hard work to make it happen. And you can nail it, too.

We’ve sought out an expert who knows what works on film, whatever you’re wearing. Leoni Blue, a photographer for ASOS, has shared her top tips for perfecting any photo opportunity, plus she tells us who to look to for red carpet inspiration.

Learn your best angles

It’s no coincidence that some stars seem to have a signature pose – take Blake Lively and her ever faithful hands on hips stance – they know what works for them, their body and their look. Even if it makes you feel awkward at first, Leoni suggests practicing at home to find your best angles. “Practise in a mirror and figure out your good side. Don’t forget your posture and however you choose to pose: own it,” she says.

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Find your confidence

If you feel uncomfortable it will show. So even if you’re feeling unsure, give yourself a pep talk and be sure to put a brave face on. “Remind yourself you are beautiful and believe it!” Says Leoni. “Confident is extremely sexy, and a great happy smile can convince people you’re someone to take notice of.”

And if you know you can be a little awkward then it doesn’t hurt to watch your step. “Remember to watch where you are walking, you don’t want to fall in front of photographers – unless you have the personality of Jennifer Lawrence to pull it off!” says Leoni.

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Choose a go-to pose

Once you know your best angles, you need a pose that will show them off to full effect, and if you’re struggling to choose one that feels right, why not take some inspiration from the stars? Leoni suggests trying Jennifer Lopez’s signature look: “Cross your legs slightly, rest a hand on hip, tilt your head slightly and finish with a killer smile.”

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Or if you want to accentuate killer curves, do a Kylie Jenner. “Try sticking out your bum to elongate your legs and create a thigh gap,” she says. “If you’re doing it right, you’ll feel like you have a string on your head and it’s being pulled up to perfect your posture.”

Don’t forget to breathe

Posing for the cameras might not feel natural at first, but it’s important to overcome any nerves. If you do feel anxious under the scrutiny of the camera’s lens, Leoni advises: “Look down take a deep breathe then look up again, smile and look around, this way you won’t focus on one person.”

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Look like you mean business

You don’t see celebrities hanging round for a chat on the red carpet – and there’s a good reason for that. “Don’t linger too long, smile, pose, then make your exit – you don’t what a photographer getting a bad shot. Also alway have your game face on around a camera – cameras never lie.”

So which stars always get it right? Leoni suggests studying the poses of Jennifer Lopez, “the original diva”, Rihanna for owning her “bad ass style” and Katy Perry for staying “candid and carefree”. If you’re more stoic, then Lupita Nyong’o has plenty of grace and looks “effortlessly chic” in Leoni’s opinion.

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