UK hosepipe ban: Irrigation systems, watering cans and other ways to water your plants

The hosepipe ban needn't affect your garden - we've found the ways to keep it watered while conserving water, too. (Getty Images)
The hosepipe ban needn't affect your garden - we've found the ways to keep it watered while conserving water, too. (Getty Images) (Getty Images)

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While we're all loving the balmy weather, it does come with some downsides - namely the danger of drought conditions.

This is why there's a temporary use ban (TUP) on hosepipes from this Friday, 5 August - which affects anyone who has their water supplied by Southern Water (mainly Hampshire and the Isle of Wight). It's the first time this measure has been taken since 2012.

So, what does this mean? You won't be allowed to use a hosepipe for anything whether domestic or commercial - including watering your garden/plants, cleaning your car/boat, filling a pool/paddling pool, cleaning walls/windows/paths/patios etc.

Even if your area doesn't have a hosepipe ban yet, it's crucial that we all start to reduce our water consumption - we've had the hottest July on record, and many water companies are reporting that their reservoir levels are low. If this continues, we'll all be under stricter measures in the near future.

One major area of concern with the hosepipe ban, or if you're cutting back on water usage in general, is that nobody wants their lovely gardens and plants to die.

This is why we've found some brilliant buys that'll ensure your greenery can still flourish, without using too much water or breaking any rules. From clever irrigation systems ( which offer a 50% reduction in water usage when correctly installed and maintained) to self-watering spikes that slowly drip water through to plant roots, and watering cans of different sizes, we've got you covered.

As the UK hose pipe ban is a developing news story, we advise you follow the most recent guidance provided by your area's water supplier

3 of the best garden irrigation systems

Claber Rainjet Terraces Irrigation kit | £60 from B&Q

This can water up to 35 pots without any waste - it also has a battery-operated timer so you can choose from 15 different pre-set timings.

Micro Irrigation System | £9.99 from Screwfix

Water up to 20 plants at a time with this clever, mini system that's under a tenner.

Water Irrigation Kit | £5.99 (was £19.99) from Suttons


This has 20 drippers that will water up to 22 pots or baskets, it includes 23 metres of tubing and all fittings.

3 of the best self-watering spikes

Ceramic Clay Plant Waterer Stakes Set of 10 Pack Terracotta Self Watering Spikes | £24.99 from Amazon

Simply attach an empty wine bottle - or any other long-necked bottles - full of water, and it'll gradually drip through to the roots of your plants.

St Helens Watering Spike - Pack of 12 | £19.99 from Robert Dyas

You can adjust the water flow using the adjustable valve to suit the needs of individual plants. Just attach empty water/fizzy drink bottles to the top of the spike (cut a hole in the bottle to add water) and let it go to work.

10Pcs Plastic Plant Self Watering Globes | £19.99 from Amazon

If you don't have loads of empty soft drink/wine bottles, then you fill these cute little birds with water which will gradually drip through to your plants and offer automatic watering for up to three weeks.

3 of the best watering cans

Strata Slimline Watering Can - 10L | £6 from Wickes

A sturdy but lightweight plastic design, this 10L watering can's black rose is detachable and can be stored on top of the can - a green rose is included too.

Watering Can 12L | £15.99 from Screwfix

A lightweight, hardwearing galvanised steel watering can that's easy to carry and pour from.

6.5L Litre Watering Can With Rose Strong Plastic Green | £5.99 (Was £7.49) from Amazon

This watering can holds up to 6.5 litres and is currently an Amazon's best-seller as it's now reduced to just £5.99.