These horrifying sunburn photos will make you stock up on suncream fast

How is this even possible?

[Photo: weezmcdeez]

Watch how you fall asleep in the sun

[Photo: Instagram/theskiny]

One word: ouch (but is this real?)

[Photo: christinapo]

We’re not judging anyone for wearing Crocs but…

[Photo: Reddit]

This poor guy had to appear on TV looking like this

[Photo: Twitter/ScampbellTV1]

Who knew your entire back could peel off?

[Photo: Instagram/mrderps_ig]

Those are some fancy tan lines

[Photo: Imgur/fanceh]

Can you tell this girl fell asleep listening to music?

[Photo: amyl4345c6dc8]

No words for this man who worked outside all day

[Photo: Twitter/grgbinnie]

Feet are always the victim

[Photo: Twitter/Lilaclements]

Peeling is the absolute worst

[Photo: Instagram/umk87]

The classic vest burn

[Photo: Instagram/rbenson15]

This guy tried to put suncream on while paddle boarding

[Photo: katekpp]

Don’t wear a fancy swimsuit without applying suncream

[Photo: Twitter/clairee_elysee]

We all know the feeling

[Photo: cketchum256567]

With the first heatwave of the year well underway, it’s guaranteed that a good portion of us are already burnt.

For no matter how many times someone lectures you on wearing suncream, you will ignore them in an effort to get a tan. And thus face the consequences.

While most of us are used to the odd shoulder, nose and back burn, some people are taking sunburn to the next level.

From insanely red faces to truly disgusting blisters along with the weirdest tan lines you will ever see, here are 15 reasons why you should slather yourself in cream right now.

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