Three homeopathic cures for Homepathy Awareness Week

Kim Hookem-Smith
Yahoo Lifestyle

With antibiotic resistance on the up and concerns about over-reliance on drugs, there’s a growing desire for people to fight their bodies’ medical problems naturally using homeopathy. Harnessing the power of plants and minerals, homeopathic medicine is a favourite of celebrities and sports stars alike. We spoke to homeopaths Nelsons Pharmacy to find out if they could help us with a few common everyday ailments.

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To get you over a hangover
Overindulging in anything, particularly alcohol, can leave us feeling poorly. If sipping water isn’t doing the trick, Nelsons recommend Nux Vomica. From the strychnos nux vomica plant, mostly found in India, the seeds of this fruit have been used for medicinal purposes in the United States since the 19th century. It’s great for restoring balance to overworked and over-indulged digestive systems and can help with headaches, nausea and discomfort.

As holiday season approaches, pick up some arnica for your travel first aid kit. This flower not only heals bruising and strains, but many find it helps with insomnia and recommend it for preventing jet-lag when taken before and after a flight, to ensure you enjoy more beach time.

Lack of energy

If you need a pick me up and don’t want to rely on coffee, try Kali Phos. Sometimes known as the ‘Pick Me Up Cell Salt’, it’s potassium phosphate (which is what energy-giving bananas are packed with) and is used to help people calm their jangled nerves and regain their strength.

Do you swear by any homeopathic cures?