Mum shares hack to make homemade cocktails with baby food

She's our new hero. [Photo: Caters]
She's our new hero. [Photo: Caters]

This resourceful mum may just be our new hero. Mum-of-two, Eleanor Tracey, 40, came up with a genius hack for those moments when you really need a cocktail and you just don’t have the ingredients.

Rather than heading out to buy all the fancy syrups the professionals use, Eleanor simply adds baby food to prosecco in order to make the perfect cocktail.

And to confirm, we’re not talking pureed broccoli here.

Eleanor said she was at a friend’s house when she came up with the genius idea. Simply add a pouch of Ella’s Kitchen peach pureed food into your prosecco and there you have it - a tasty bellini.

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The new baby food cocktail even has a name, should you fancy making one at home.

“I had a very rare night off from mummy/work/wife duty to hang out with some other mum friends and moan about work, kids, lack of sleep, never having any us time and we thought we would use Ella’s peach pouches to pimp our Prosecco and make some Bellinis – we have named them Ellinis.”

As it turns out, though, Eleanor and her friends aren’t the first people to put Ella’s peach pouches in their cocktails.

“We’re not the first people to use these in alcoholic drinks and we certainly not be the last.”

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If you want to make this at home, it’s really pretty simply. You just need a glass of prosecco, some of Ella’s Kitchen’s peach pouch and a dash of lemon juice.

We know what we’re doing at our next cocktail party.

Since the birth of Ellinis, Eleanor has successfully tried making a strawberry vodka cocktail using the strawberry pouch, vodka, tonic water, sugar syrup and mint.

She has big plans to try pear martinis at her next mums night. How do we get an invite?

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