Soap star Orpheus Pledger pleads guilty to violent attack captured on CCTV

Orpheus sparked a manhunt in Australia after escaping from a court-ordered hospital
-Credit: (Image: Seven)

Disgraced Home and Away actor Orpheus Pledger has confessed to a harrowing attack on a woman, which was captured on CCTV footage. The 31 year old former star of the beloved Australian soap, known for his role as Mason Morgan, was visibly seen on tape dragging a lady by her hair before horrifically stomping on her head.

Following the dreadful incident, Orpheus was allowed bail on April 22, providing he complied with a court-ordered mental health evaluation.

In a shocking turn of events after getting bailed, the soap star busted out from the hospital that incited a massive manhunt throughout Australia. Eventually, a warrant for his arrest was released, leading to his apprehension just three days later.

Orpheus was initially arrested right at the time of the assault when cops were called to a residence in Melbourne during the dark wee hours. The chilling CCTV footage revealed the ex-soap star chasing a woman outdoors and then savagely pulling her backwards by her hair.

As if that wasn't brutal enough, he was also spotted pushing her onto the ground, raising his foot, and horribly stepping on her. As per, reports the Mirror.

au, the victim ended up with painful bruises across her face and head. A terrifying emergency call got the authorities at the scene - around at 1.35am.

Interestingly, officers declared that they caught the phrase "he's coming", just before the call devastatingly cut off.

The Home and Away actor was arrested later that day and has been in pre-sentence custody since then. He has now admitted to the assault.

His lawyer, Jasper MacCuspie, revealed that the former soap star's life had descended into a whirlwind of mental health and drug issues prior to the attack, after he narrowly missed out on a role in the US drama The 100.

His lawyer stated that Orpheus began using Meth in his mid to late 20s but it never escalated into an addiction. However, after being turned down by casting directors of the US drama, his drug use intensified.

The lawyer also suggested that the star's 94-day pre-sentence order was "sufficient" punishment and a community corrections order would be more fitting.

However, the prosecution argued that the "nature and gravity of the a serious incident."

But it was decided that a community protection order was suitable. Magistrate Justin Foster said Orpheus needed to be assessed for a community corrections order before sentencing.

He stated: "At the moment the court doesn't know if it's a mental health or drug issue."

The judge announced that the case was adjourned for sentencing until July 3rd.

Orpheus Pledger, who first gained fame as a child actor in the series Silversun playing Tycho Everson at just eight years old, later joined Neighbours as Noah Parkin in 2011. He then starred as Mason Morgan on Home and Away for a whopping 339 episodes before his departure in 2019 when his character was tragically killed off.

Most recently, he made an appearance on SAS Australia.