Holly Willoughby's debut book has just been released

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Holly Willoughby's debut book has just been released

The cover for Holly Willoughby's debut book, Reflections, was officially released on Thursday (28 October).

The 40-year-old This Morning star's new book is described as 'an intimate, personal book about how to be beautiful, both inside and out'.

Reflections explores what it means to live a beautiful life in the modern world, according to the release. Holly is set to share her thoughts on both topical and emotional issues, including body image, burnout and control.

Its aim is to start conversations, encouraging the reader to reclaim their sexuality, treat themselves more kindly and, ultimately, feel more confident and complete.

Photo credit: Penguin Random House
Photo credit: Penguin Random House

'We live in a world where so much is about how we present ourselves on the outside, and there is fun to be had here but true beauty comes from within,' says Holly in the release. 'There is an alignment that needs to happen and finding that balance hasn't always felt so easy.

'Now, I'm finally at a point in my life where I can see a little more clearly. Writing is such a personal process and between these pages you will find many little pieces of me. I want to share my truths in the hope that maybe they'll help you too.'

We can't wait to read this.

Reflections by Holly Willoughby is out now (RRP: £20). You can order it now on Amazon for just £10.

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