Holly The Gibbon Finds 'Autumn Romance' In Her Final Months

Holly the 50-year-old gibbon was left heartbroken in her old age by the death of her mate, Lenny, in December 2021 - after an incredible 40 years together. The red headed primate was left alone in the habitat they shared at Toronto Zoo together. White-handed gibbons are one of the few monogamous, pair-bonded primates and it was clear Holly was feeling the loss of her mate. However, the bereaved gibbon wasn’t alone for too long as a 32-year-old male named Hoot had a similar experience. Hoot and Holly were introduced but were separated by a barrier but can smell and hear one another. Finally, the moment arrived to introduce the two gibbons to one another. To everyone’s delight, Hoot and Holly formed an instant connection and the two were regularly seen hanging around their habitat side by side for most of each day. Holly hugged and groomed her new mate so often Hoot sometimes signals he is ready for a few moments of space. Unfortunately, due to her advancing years, Holly passed away in early November. But at least she got to experience one last romance with Hoot - who will now be looking for a new mate