You can now buy the cutest little ‘hobbit house’ to live out your Lord of the Rings dreams

A 'hobbit house' is for sale which comes with its own woodland. (Zoopla/Yopa)
A 'hobbit house' has come on the market. The property comes with its own woodland. (Zoopla/Yopa)

You can now live in a real life ‘hobbit house’ that will have you believing you live in the actual Shire.

If the pandemic has got you dreaming about escaping it all and living a simpler life in the country, this magical ‘hobbit house’ that’s currently up for sale for £320,000, might be just the new home to satisfy your Lord of the Rings fandom.

The adorable pink abode may look like something right out of The Shire, but is in fact just one of the homes in a whole collection of substantial smallholdings and eco-dwellings called Lammas Eco-village in the heart of Pembrokeshire.

This particular ‘hobbit house’, as the buildings are affectionately known, is new to the market and comes with ancillary buildings, stables, about three and a half acres of land and its own area of woodland.

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The amazing beamed ceiling in the cirular home. (Zoopla/Yopa)
The amazing beamed ceiling in the cirular home. (Zoopla/Yopa)

And if that wasn’t enough, the estate agent said it also comes with planning permission for a four bedroom house, so you’d be able to choose whether to live in the sweet little hobbit house yourself or rent it out to fans of the films.

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Known as Plas Helyg, the little house and land comes with a separate wooden barn, two cob greenhouses, shelters and a stable, plus a stunning slice of the countryside.

According to the estate agent selling the property the garden produces a wide variety of food including fruit bushes that can generate up to 80 kilos of fruit.

The sweet little abode is eco-friendly too. (Zoopla/Yopa)
The sweet little abode is eco-friendly too. (Zoopla/Yopa)

Inside one of the cob greenhouses there is a peach tree and a grapevine, which produce around 40kg of fruit. The second cob greenhouse has a cherry and a sweet almond tree.

From the outside the hobbit house is picture-book perfect with its cute little wooden door, round window and grass-covered roof.

Inside also delivers on the fairytale front with its circular, rustic cob walls, central log burner and characterful beamed roof.

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How cute is this bedroom? (Zoopla/Yopa)
How cute is this bedroom? (Zoopla/Yopa)

If you’re not sold on living in the sweetest house you ever did see, maybe the eco-credentials will pull you in.

With each house within the eco village required to stick to sustainable building materials and agree to not using chemicals on the land, and a requirement that 75% of basic needs come from the land, if you’re looking to ease your environmental conscience this could definitely be the pad of eco-dreams.

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“If lockdown had you dreaming of getting away from it all, living a self-sustainable lifestyle and enjoying a change of pace, this is the opportunity for you,” a spokesperson for Yopa says of the unusual property.

“Our own research at Yopa suggests that Google searches for ‘smallholdings for sale’ have increased by 115% since this time last year, no doubt because people have been reconsidering their lifestyles following this unprecedented year. Considering it’s a very unique and unusual property, we have already received interest from buyers.”

Tom Parker, consumer expert at Zoopla, says the hobbit house offers the new owner “the unique chance to begin a new way of life.

"By moving to the Lammas Eco Village community and building your own eco home, not only will you be living a more sustainable lifestyle, but will have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills from your fellow residents. For anyone wanting the opportunity to completely change their life this is an opportunity not to be missed.”

For more information about the ‘Hobbit House’ visit Yopa.

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