Hilaria Baldwin reveals she used to ‘judge’ couples with big age gaps before meeting husband Alec

Hilaria Baldwin reveals she used to ‘judge’ couples with big age gaps before meeting husband Alec

Hilaria Baldwin revealed that before she met her now husband, Alec Baldwin, she used to “judge” couples that had a big age difference.

The 38-year-old yoga instructor confessed how she used to criticise other people’s relationships during the premiere episode of her podcast, Witches Anonymous, which she hosts alongside jewellery designer Michelle Campbell Mason.

“Before I got together with Alec, I would judge women and men that had big age differences,” she said.

After acknowledging that she and her husband, 64, are a celebrity couple with a big age difference, she explained what she used to think about a woman dating an older man.

“I would look at it like, this older man wants some young bimbo with no opinions whatsoever,” Hilaria continued. “That younger woman is obviously a gold digger, and she obviously doesn’t even care and is just like whatever, ‘I hope you die, and I’m going to take all your money.’”

She noted that when she started dating the 30 Rock star, she had a change in perspective.

“Now that I’m in that relationship and people will say those things about me regularly, I realise, what was this trained into my head?” she asked.

The book author recalled how she’d questioned herself for being so critical of people who were just trying to “find love”.

“Why was I so judgmental about other people who are literally just finding love?” she concluded. “And maybe their love looks different from you and from your love or what my thought love would be but it doesn’t make it not valid.”

Hilaria and Alec tied the knot back in 2012 and are the parents to seven children: Carmen Gabriela, nine, Rafael Thomas, seven, Leonardo Ángel Charles, six, Romeo Alejandro David, four, Eduardo “Edu” Pao Lucas, two, Maria Lucia Victoria, 18 months, and newborn Ilaria Catalina Irena.

Last month, Hilaria shared her first family portrait on Instagram as a mother of seven after giving birth to Ilaria on 22 September.

“Our first photo with the smallest Baldwins,” she wrote in the caption of her post. “What a Baldwinito dream team.”

She also made a reference to Alec’s 27-year-old daughter, who he shares with ex-Kim Basinger, adding: “Ireland, you are missed and loved.”