Heston’s full English breakfast sarnie divides opinion: 'Who wants coffee in their sandwich?'

Heston Blumenthal has created a Full English breakfast sandwich for Waitrose. (Getty Images / Waitrose)
Heston Blumenthal has created a Full English breakfast sandwich for Waitrose. (Getty Images / Waitrose)

Heston Blumenthal is no stranger to a controversial recipe.

The chef has invented everything from lickable wallpaper to egg and bacon ice cream, and his latest creation for Waitrose is every bit as divisive as we’ve come to expect from him.

Blumenthal’s aim was to create a breakfast sandwich that encapsulated all the elements of a classic full English breakfast, and he really did mean all the elements.

The sandwich features baked bean flavoured bread sitting either side of smokey crumbed sausage, smoked bacon, free-range sliced egg, cold pressed mayonnaise, tomatoes, and cannellini beans in sauce.

But that’s not all, the sandwich is topped off with one last ingredient that has raised a fair few eyebrows.

Not content with enjoying a coffee on the side, Blumenthal decided to add some of the hot drink into the sandwich, in the form of coffee-flavoured mushroom ketchup.

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“On the list of things that never needed to be created, I'd say coffee-flavoured mushroom ketchup is up there,” one unimpressed person wrote on Twitter.

For those interested in giving the unusual sandwich a go, it’s currently reduced to £2.85 - from £3.80 - due to an introductory offer.

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Blumenthal isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of acceptable culinary etiquette. When explaining his sandwich he said: “There are many reasons why some dishes become our favourites, they can be complicated masterpieces of culinary delights. But there are times when all you want is a full English.”

While many people scoffed at his latest idea, some were tantalised by it.

While others were neither disgusted or impressed.

One chef at Waitrose tweeted to tell people it was “delicious”. Take that naysayers.

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This sandwich launch isn’t the first time Blumenthal has caused controversy amongst Waitrose shoppers.

His range, which contains the likes of mushroom and gin pasta sauce and cherry Bakewell vodka isn’t for everybody, but it is the breakfast sandwich which has really caused a fuss.

The main question surrounding the controversial sandwich, though; what exactly is cold pressed mayonnaise?

The verdict is very much still open on this one.