Here's how to recreate Heidi Klum's famous Halloween looks

Heidi Klum’s Halloween looks aren’t as impossible to recreate as you might think [Photo: Getty]
Heidi Klum’s Halloween looks aren’t as impossible to recreate as you might think [Photo: Getty]

Heidi Klum is the unofficial Queen of Halloween. Fact.

The 44-year-old supermodel has been holding a star-studded Halloween party for the past 17 years, inviting everyone from Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez to dress up in their best costumes.

Heidi herself has always been the fancy dress winner, sitting for hours in hair and make-up to transform herself into everything from a super realistic elderly woman to a prosthetically-enhanced Jessica Rabbit. (Not forgetting the gigantic robot and obligatory sexy cat.)

You may have thought that Heidi’s looks were way out of your reach but luckily, YouTube has found several beauty vloggers that have put together easy tutorials, allowing you to impress anyone and everyone at your Halloween party this year.

Jessica Rabbit

Heidi’s 2015 look was sultry siren Jessica Rabbit. It took a whopping nine hours for the model to transform into the animated character, involving layers upon layers of prosthetics to accentuate her cheekbones and eyelids among other body parts.

One vlogger has managed to recreate the look in under four minutes with nothing but some clever eyeshadow and lip techniques.

Betty Boop

In 2002, Heidi arrived in a vampire version of Betty Boop, dressed in that famous tight red dress with dramatic eyes. The 1930s cartoon character is actually pretty easy to recreate.

YouTuber Jbunzie has managed to look even better than Klum herself with the addition of the big eyes Betty Boop is so well-known for. All you need is some contacts, fake lashes and lots and lots of red lipstick.


No one even recognised Heidi when she turned up to her 2013 Halloween bash. Dressed as an elderly woman complete with wrinkles and leg veins, it seems impossible for one person to recreate this by themselves.

However, you’re in luck for one beauty vlogger has found the trick to turning into a granny without the need for any prosthetics, liquid latex or body paint.


Heidi’s 2012 Cleopatra costume must have cost a fortune. Not only was it the most detailed Egyptian outfit ever seen outside of the silver screen, her face was entirely covered in hundreds of crystals.

For those of us that don’t have quite as much money (or resources), there’s a much simpler way to go Egyptian for the night. Simply stock up on gold lip products and glittering eyeliner.


Heidi rolled into her 2011 party on an autopsy table, revealing her look to be a human body stripped of its skin. Lots of airbrushing was required for this bloody costume. She even went so far as to wear rotting teeth.

Surprisingly, you can look the same with nothing but a little make-up. Okay, a lot of make-up. And a hell of a lot of patience.


Heidi admitted that her 2009 bird costume made it incredibly hard to enjoy herself. We’re not surprised considering she had no use of her arms.

Instead of going full-on with the feathers and painting yourself black, you can turn yourself into a ‘prettier’ crow with the help of some dark beauty products. Think more ‘Black Swan’ rather than a crazy squawker.

Halloween butterfly

2014 saw Heidi transform into a beautiful butterfly. Not doing anything by halves, the model donned huge wings and mesmerising bug eyes while her entire body was colourfully painted.

This one isn’t for the faint-hearted. Vlogger Julia Hernandez admits that “it took [her] forever to do.” And we’re not surprised considering the intricate face painting skills required.


You didn’t think you were going to get away without watching one vampire tutorial. One of Heidi’s earlier looks (2005 to be precise) was the traditional Halloween legend that is the vampire.

It takes just ten minutes to transform into the bloodthirsty monster, using pale foundation and red liners to add creepy eye veins and the required dead look. Don’t forget the pointy teeth.

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