A lesson in editing birth photos before sharing them online

This birth photo is going viral, but can you spot why? [Photo: Facebook/Bubswarehouse]
This birth photo is going viral, but can you spot why? [Photo: Facebook/Bubswarehouse]

A sweet snapshot of a newborn seemingly taken moments after the baby’s mother had given birth is going viral for the most embarrassing reason.

Many parents are keen to capture images of their new babies as soon as they are born, but one image which has been shared to Facebook is serving as a reminder that you should check those just-born pictures before posting.

The seemingly innocent image, which was posted on the Bubs Warehouse International Facebook page, appeared to feature a nurse in scrubs holding a crying baby.

But in the background, the child’s mother is lying with her legs wide open, having appeared to have just given birth to the newborn tot.

“Some people are in such a hurry to put the picture of baby on Facebook, they just forget some things before posting,” the photo was captioned.

Unsurprisingly, the picture caused quite the stir on social media and since posting the image has clocked up over 7K reactions and been shared more than 800 times.

“Yeah…might wanna ‘crop’ the background out! OMG. …the poor woman…she would have been horrified!” one user wrote.

“OMG!!! I will die if my hubby was posting this with a caption ‘welcome to the world our baby boy/girl’”

Other users shared their own experiences of over-eager photographers.

“Hahahahahaha this happened to me with my son,” one woman wrote. “My mum did the picture of my son on the weighing table thingy all focused on him not realising and put it on Facebook without realizing. Yep I was in the photo.”

“Omg this actually was my mum she got camera happy in the delivery room beautiful newborn baby and completely forgetting my gina wad out,” added another mum. “Thankfully it didn’t make fb it did get printed at the photographers though.”

Other users weren’t so impressed by the photograph-taking.

“My confusion is why the nurse is busy taking photos with someone else’s kid while mum clearly isn’t finished the birthing process?” one woman asked.

“Disgusting!! There’s no thought, consideration, or respect for the poor Lady lying on the bed that’s just given birth!”

Here’s why you should always edit your birth photos before sharing them to social media [Photo: Getty]
Here’s why you should always edit your birth photos before sharing them to social media [Photo: Getty]

Sharing an unedited birth shot is not the only birth ‘crime’ people are committing on social media. Turns out some people are unwittingly hijacking new parents’ birth announcements too!

Last November a new dad took to Reddit to share his frustration that a friend had stolen his thunder in announcing the gender of his newborn baby.

“I’m not gonna lie – before I knew of what our friend had done, I looked at that moment as easily one of the top five experiences of my life,” he wrote.

But while he was over the moon about becoming a father, the new dad said he couldn’t help feeling the moment had been “tainted” by his friend who’d already beaten him too it.

The moral of the story?

Sharing birth pictures and announcing the birth of your baby is a truly special moment and its something that every parent has the right to deliver. So hold off sharing that shot or spilling the baby beans until it’s either been edited or cleared by the parents themselves.

And please don’t make them go viral for the wrong reasons!

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