Helen Skelton Continues To Send Internet Into Meltdown By Wearing Clothes


[Photo: Instagram/Helen Skelton]

Stop the presses. Helen Skelton - who according to reports earlier this week, was found possessing set of limbs - continues to shock the world with her wardrobe-related behaviour.

This time, by wearing a bra.

Yes - by wearing items of clothing that most women own, the TV presenter continues to be shamed on the internet.


[Photo: Twitter/Daily Express]

Her latest crime has been wearing underwear underneath a layer of outer clothing, as most people tend to do.

We suspect that her next wrong-doing will be wearing something like a shirt, a belt, or a pair of socks.

Not all is lost, however, as much of Twitter is rallying to her support.


[Photo: Twitter/Jay Howard]

Many Twitter users have pointed out that these outfits have been labelled ‘not family friendly’ by viewers, yet their backdrop of men in nothing but speedos haven’t been.


[Photo: Twitter/Megan]


[Photo: Twitter/Jenny Hayden]

But unfortunately, much of Twitter is very much the same.


[Photo: Twitter/Philip Sean]


[Photo: Twitter/Stephen Brown]

We hope that Helen continues to respond to the judgement just as she has been already - by not giving a damn and wearing what she wants.

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