A TV Presenter Wore Shorts To The Olympics And People Can’t Get Over It

[Photo: Instagram/Helen Skelton]

Sometimes, when it’s absolutely sweltering outside, people wear less. This phenomenon usually occurs due to something called ‘trying to keep cool’.

But according to some Rio Olympics 2016 viewers, this is unacceptable if you are a woman, as BBC presenter Helen Skelton came under fire for wearing a short play suit on air.

[Photo: Instagram/Helen Skelton]

Sat next to male co-host Mark Foster who was also wearing shorts (let that sink in for a moment), it was a toasty 22 degrees over in Rio - but all that mattered to Twitter users was the visibility of Skelton’s legs.

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Quite rightly, other users popped up to defend Skelton. 

One Twitterer said: “Dear #HelenSkelton you’re a human being. Wear whatever the fuck you like. Nobody has the right to tell you otherwise.”

[Photo: Twitter/Fiona Frestle]

[Photo: Twitter/Sarah Ann Harris]

The best thing about this whole charade has been Skelton’s response - silence. Despite insults being thrown left right and centre, she’s gone for the not-giving-a-damn approach; not validating them with a response and continuing to wear whatever the hell she likes.

[Photo: Instagram/Helen Skelton]

This certainly isn’t the first time viewers have overreacted to a female TV presenter’s choice of clothing. 

Just last month Fox TV presenter Megyn Kelly was called a “whore” for bearing her shoulders on live TV, while back in May, meteorologist Liberté Chan was forced to cover up after watchers complained about the dress she was wearing.

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