Helen George tells Tom Cruise to 'get the train' after he disrupted filming

Call the Midwife star Helen George has told Tom Cruise he needs to 'get the train' after he recently disrupted filming of the show with his helicopter. Call the Midwife and Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part Two are both filming near each other.

Video transcript

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: We've been saying all morning, here, that filming was interrupted by an A-list celeb. I mean, this is-- when I started to read this, I thought, I wonder who it's going to be. And I went, oh my god! That's amazing!

HELEN GEORGE: It's him! It's him.

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: Tell the story.

HELEN GEORGE: So, Tom Cruise has been filming on the same studio lot as us. He films "Mission Impossible." And, actually, it's not just Tom Cruise, it's Matt Damon as well.


HELEN GEORGE: I'm taking offense with Matt Damon.

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: The whole set.

HELEN GEORGE: And they both come here and land their helicopters right next to where we film. And it's so loud.


HELEN GEORGE: So you'll be in the middle of, like, a beautiful soliloquy or whatever, and then suddenly you hear, ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch, and you're like, argh!

MEGAN CUSACK: And we all have to stop filming and just like wait.

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: And did you get to see him, or did you only hear him?

MEGAN CUSACK: People have seen him. I've never seen him.

HELEN GEORGE: People have. I'm always walking my dog just hoping that I'll run into him. But I never do.

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: He's such a lovely guy. I'm sure he'd be-- I think he would be mortified if he knew that he was stopping your filming.

HELEN GEORGE: I hope so. I hope this will make him change his ways.

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: I think now-- now you've got this out publicly.

HELEN GEORGE: Get the train.

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: I think, yeah, perhaps.

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: Get the train.

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: Geez, Tom. Get the train, Tom.