‘I hate my body’: Bill Nighy explains why he always wears suits

Bill Nighy has shared a surprising insight into his love for suits, revealing that his go-to sartorial look is a result of insecurities about his body.

The actor, 72, also discussed his love of sweet treats ever since he quit smoking.

In a new interview with The Independent ahead of the release of Living, in which he plays a bureaucrat diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer, Nighy said he mostly opts to dress in formalwear “because I hate my body”.

“It’s basic insecurity. You’ll think, ‘At least I can look well turned out in a suit’.”

Sharing his love of sweets, Nighy said there is “no limit” as to how much ice cream he can consume in one go.

“I’m an animal when it comes to sugar. I used to eat a four-pack of Magnums and a four-pack of Soleros in one sitting. That’s my relationship with sugar,” he said.

His favourite ice cream flavours include strawberry and honeycomb: “There’s a restaurant I went to where they made honeycomb ice cream and that was pretty unbeatable,” he said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Nighy revealed that he does not plan to retire any time soon.

He explained: “I’m in a job which you can do fortunately as long as you can remain upright. And well, actually you don’t have to remain upright. As long as you can deliver a line sitting down, you could probably get some kind of employment.”

Nighy went viral on social media earlier this year, after one TikTok user spotted him reading Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar on the London Underground.

The Love Actually star, who grew up in south London, was spotted sitting on a Jubilee line train, dressed in smart grey trousers and a navy blue wool coat as he read the novel.

‘Living’ will be released in cinemas on 4 November