Just how compatible are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? The astrology behind their relationship

Is Meghan and Harry’s relationship written in the stars? [Photo: Getty]
Is Meghan and Harry’s relationship written in the stars? [Photo: Getty]

The royal wedding is mere days away. The food is being prepped, the official royal stamps have been printed, and the chatter about who will walk Meghan down the aisle is still ongoing.

While excitement about Saturday’s nuptials continues to build, what do the stars indicate could be in store for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle once the bells chime to announce that they’re officially husband and wife?

For a little bit of insight into their happy ever after, we asked expert astrologer Sally Kirkman to let us know what the couple can expect once their shiny new wedding bands are firmly in place.

Opposites attract?

Prince Harry, who was born on September 15, 1984, is a Sun Virgo. Meghan, born August 4, 1981 is a Sun Leo, which according to Sally makes them very different.

“These two star signs sit side-by-side in the zodiac; they are next door neighbours and, on a basic level, the two star signs are very different,” she explains.

At first glance, it might not be easy to understand the attraction between a fiery Leo (Meghan) and a steady and solid Virgo (Harry).

“Harry’s Sun sign Virgo is an earth sign, steady and capable, and one of the ‘introvert’ star signs,” Sally says.

Yep, we’re just as shocked as you are.

“He must have had to learn to love the limelight and the prestige which comes with being part of one of the most famous families in the world,” Sally explains.

“In fact, it’s probably been easier for him that his older brother, William, is first in line to the throne before Harry. A Sun Virgo loves to serve and is quite happy playing a supportive role.”

On the other hand Meghan’s sign indicates that she has outgoing tendancies. “Leo is a fire sign, dramatic and colourful, and one of the ‘extrovert’ star signs,” Sally explains.

What do their sun signs reveal about the couple’s relationship? [Photo: Getty]
What do their sun signs reveal about the couple’s relationship? [Photo: Getty]

Meghan was made for the spotlight

It isn’t just her Hollywood background that make Meghan Markle a prime candidate to be in the spotlight. Interestingly, Meghan’s Sun sign Leo is considered the royal sign and Sally believes she has the perfect sun sign credentials to join the royal family.

“The Queen Mother was a Leo, as was Princess Margaret and Princess Anne. Leo loves to shine and Meghan will have no problem being in the limelight. In fact, the celebrity world of Hollywood is probably ideal training for a step up into royal circles,” Sally says.

When it comes to love and relationships, astrology indicates that a Sun Leo needs to be adored, to shine bright and they crave compliments and affection. On the other hand a Sun Virgo can be very attentive and respectful, enjoying the simple pleasures in life and thoughtful gifts and behaviour.

“The two are an unusual choice astrologically and, so far, it seems as if Meghan is the one adoring Harry in public,” says Sally. “That needs to switch or, at least, work both ways in their private life,” she adds.

Sally predicts that Meghan will take centre stage through her public role but she will also want to take charge at home, behind the scenes.

“At the same time, she needs to recognise that Harry won’t always want his personal life to be sociable and exciting,” she warns. “Instead, he will appreciate routine and a gentler lifestyle with quality time just for the two of them.”

What’s in store for the couple after they say ‘I do’? [Photo: Getty]
What’s in store for the couple after they say ‘I do’? [Photo: Getty]

Patter of tiny feet?

We already know that Meghan Markle is keen to become a mother and according to their astrology, children will undoubtedly be part of the picture for Harry and Meghan. Potentially by October 2018 when a baby announcement is predicted.

“A Sun Leo makes a great mother,” says Sally. “Think of the zodiac symbol, the Lion, who loves to be in charge of their pride of lions.”

Equally a Sun Virgo makes a great father. “Harry’s natural wit and charm will rub off on his children. He’ll enjoy bringing out the best in them.”

A marriage built on helping others

From packing on the PDAs to throwing out the royal rulebook when it comes to their wedding, Meghan and Harry have already shown that they’re doing things their own way when it comes to their relationship. And according to Sally this modern and dynamic approach looks set to continue with the pair stirring things up in a selfless way.

“Together, they will enjoy taking on a mutual role to help others as, at their hearts, both Sun Leo and Sun Virgo care deeply about people and making a difference in the world,” she explains.

In terms of the future Sally suggests the couple will need to have a clear understanding of what the other person wants and needs on a Sun sign basis. “This will help them both moving forwards,” she says. “I wish them the very best in their future life together.”

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