Video of Harry fixing Meghan's hair goes viral: 'This is his job now'

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex smile during their visit to Canada House (Getty)

A video featuring a montage of Prince Harry rearranging his wife Meghan Markle’s hair has gone viral.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently enjoying a quiet life in their new home in Vancouver Island, Canada, together with baby Archie.

But, in their absence from the public eye, fans are reminiscing over the couple’s sweetest moments.

Twitter user @ddarveyy – who features a picture of Harry and Meghan as her profile picture – shared the short clip earlier this week, calling the duke “the most attentive husband”.

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It shows Harry helping Meghan adjust her hair during a series of official royal engagements taking place in 2019, including gathering her locks together after a gust of wind during the launch of the duchess’s charity cookbook at Kensington Palace.

The footage also shows the devoted husband intervening after Meghan receives a neck pendant and gets her ponytail caught up in it during the couple’s tour in Morocco in February 2019.

Suffice to say, the internet is hooked. The footage has had 27.6 million views – and counting.

While some are unsure about the gesture, many others are commenting on the sweet way it depicts the couple’s relationship, and Harry’s “subtle affection” and “gentleman” like behaviour.

TV critic Jim Shelley retweeted the post, captioning it “this is Harry’s job now” – an amusing reference to the couple’s monumental decision to step down as senior royals and “earn a professional income” earlier this year.

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In contrast to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s more reserved approach towards public displays of affection, the Sussexes have always been known to hold hands and even kiss one another when the cameras are around.

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