What happened to Julien Baptiste's daughter? Everything you need to know

Baptiste series two landed on BBC earlier this month and instantly proved to be a big hit with viewers. The new episodes see French actor Tchéky Karyo return as the iconic detective Julien Baptiste as he tackles a brand new, gripping case.

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However, given it's been almost two years since fans last had some Baptiste content on their screen, many are in need of a recap of Julien's history, in particular what happened with his daughter.

In addition, Julien's wife Celia hints in episode one that something bad has happened to his daughter, Sara. So what's going? Ahead of episode three on Sunday, here's what we know...

Warning! Potential spoilers ahead for Baptiste series two.

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What happened to Baptiste's daughter?

Fans of The Missing and Baptiste will know that the detective's backstory has run throughout the series, which first began in 2014. Viewers will also know that his relationship with his wife, Celia, and their daughter, Sara has often been difficult.

When series one began (set in the year 2006), Julien spent most of his time at home in France with his wife Celia and tending to his bees. However, the disappearance of Oliver (the son of James Nesbitt's character) required him to return to work – which put a strain on his family. Sara, Julien's adult daughter, was then hospitalised after a heroin overdose.

When the first instalment of spin-off series Baptiste aired in 2019, we learn that Sara has got clean and even started a family of her own. However, in episode one of series two, Celia asks for a divorce and hints something has happened to Sara. It's then revealed in the second episode that Sara had tragically died four months before Emma Chambers' family went missing.

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Fans are loving having Baptiste back on their screens

What is Baptiste series two about?

Series two of Baptiste sees the detective in a completely different place. The synopsis reads: "Julien Baptiste is not the man we knew before. After enduring a horrific personal tragedy, Julien has pushed his wife Celia away and is looking for any distraction – whether that be the bottom of a bottle or a new case - to consume him.

"When British Ambassador Emma Chambers' whole family disappears whilst on a skiing holiday in the Hungarian mountains, Baptiste immerses himself into Emma's world, committed to finding her husband and two sons."

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Tchéky Karyo spoke to HELLO! about his time on the show

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What has Tchéky Karyo said about Baptiste series two?

Tchéky has opened up about returning as the iconic character. The actor, who stars alongside Fiona Shaw in the second series, revealed in an exclusive interview for HELLO! Spotlight that his darker turn was a challenge for him.

"To start with this crazy character knocking on a door, being drunk, angry, losing himself, to fighting those two cops and getting stubborn, stuck and trapped with himself – this was challenging as an actor to show how much pain he's going through and express the lost mind," he began.

"But an exciting challenge, because the material is there. When you have the material you then have to play with your skill and experience and that was super to do."

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