Halle Berry celebrates turning 53 with 'no bra club' Instagram post

Halle Berry, 53, celebrated her birthday with a "no bra" post. [Photo: Instagram/Getty]
Halle Berry, 53, celebrated her birthday with a "no bra" post. [Photo: Instagram/Getty]

Halle Berry has freed the nipple and shared an image of herself in a slogan T-shirt reading “No bra club” in celebration of turning 53.

While most of us celebrate our birthdays with a piece of cake and perhaps a glass of prosecco, Berry has by her own admission “levelled up” compared to us mere mortals.

Posting on her Instagram account to 5.4 million followers, the ‘Monster’s Ball’ actor, whose birthday was yesterday, shared a picture of herself wearing what appeared to be a soaking wet white singlet.

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The garment, which bared her arms and clung to her torso, also showed off Berry’s toned abs and muscular arms – a testament to her dedicated health and fitness regime (as demonstrated by her regular #FitnessFriday posts on Instagram).

She captioned the image: “Leveled up, Circa ‘66.”, a reference to the year she was born.

You cannot see Berry’s face in the post, as her natural curly hair falls over her face.

While Berry has celebrated her natural curls in the past, most famously at the 2017 Oscars, she is perhaps more well-known for the trademark pixie cut she sported from the late 80s up until 2004.

Berry’s post doesn’t just celebrate her continued youthful looks into her 50s – the “no bra” message also nods to a wider conversation over whether women should feel they have to wear a bra.

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Last year, a woman sued her former employee after being fired for refusing to wear a bra at work.

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And, earlier this year, British Airways become embroiled in a sexism debate following accusations that airline bosses disciplined cabin crew members for wearing bra colours visible under their white uniform blouses.