Bizarre social media trend for using hair to floss teeth could harm your gums

TikTok users are using hair to floss their teeth. (Getty Images)
TikTok users are using hair to floss their teeth. (Getty Images)

We’ve been treated to some excellent tips and tricks from TikTok of late – including a genius way to store baking trays and an easy grout cleaning method.

However, the latest bizarre trend to sweep the social media site is one worth avoiding.

People have been demonstrating how to floss teeth by using a strand of your own hair.

However, a dentist has warned that the rather stomach-churning “hack”, for those who don’t have regular floss to hand, could actually cause “irreversible” harm to your gums.

The odd concept was shared in a video by TikTok user @unusualbeaut, who wrote: “This hair trick is amazing - u can’t tell me otherwise.”

Rather than be horrified, fellow users praised the clip, which has received thousands of views and more than 500 ‘likes’, with one person noting: “Why haven’t I thought of this.”

However, speaking to, Dr Reena Wadia, an oral health expert and gum specialist, pointed out that neglecting to floss properly could cause long-term issues.

She said: “Cleaning between your teeth is essential for everyone. Without this, you may be missing cleaning up to half of your mouth.

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“It’s important to use the correct tools to clean between the teeth. Not using the right tools may cause trauma and lead to irreversible damage.”

According to the NHS, flossing isn’t just about dislodging food, but also reducing gum disease and bad breath by removing plaque that forms along the gum line.

It comes just weeks after hair stylists warned people on TikTok against using scissors to “clarify” their locks.

The trend has seen users dragging the blade along the length of their mane so that it collects up excess product.

While the method can help stop product build-up weighing your hair down, experts don’t recommend you try the scissor method at home.

“If done wrong, you will lose a huge amount of length and even end up with a hole in your hair,” says Ricky Walters, director of SALON64.

Mark McCarthy, owner of MARKDAVID salon, agreed that it should be avoided.

He recommended those looking to give their hair a deep clean should first talk to their stylist about the amount of hair product they use.

“Often, a lot of us use far more product than we need and this just accumulates in the hair over a period of days, building up and building up,” he said.

“We also then style our hair, which penetrates the product into the hair further and can give it a shiny plastic-like appearance and can make our hair appear greasy, rather than the soft and shiny finish that we desire.”